Café a la 1962

From the time cafe’life was something you did at home

3 girlfriends meet for coffee and conversation

the photo is from April 1962

and the lady in the middle was my dear grandmother

their aim was conversation

not to be viewed

it was also the time the mobile phone wasn’t born

at that time, it wasn’t the surroundings
were forced to listen in on loud phone conversation
but the ladies at the manuel phone centers
who slipped to listen to the conversations on the phone lines

28 tanker om “Café a la 1962

  1. It was quite another life 50 years ago. The Cold War was raging and it was nice to sit indoors and knit and chat, if not watching the black-white television. No mobile phones, but your dear Grandma in the picture could associate to the former Telephone Company Supervisor. 😉

    At the picture she is maybe about 50 years old?

    • #.hulegaard – 18042012.0641
      She was born in 1902 and past away in 1977…

      Yes it was quite an other life at that time – at the 34th Academy Awards ceremony, “West Side Story” wins as Best Picture – and Cuba, Sovjet and USA makes ‘The Bay of Pigs’ as their playground – at the days of middle of april 1962… 😉

      So not everything was so different from life today at all… 😉 .

    • #.bella remy – 19042012.0319
      Thanks for stopping up here… 😉

      Yes there’s really a lot if stories i old black’nd white photos even without knowing the people… ‘smile’

    • #.marianne – 19042012.0817
      Thanks for your visit here and your commit… 😉

      Every time has their highlights and every day will bring some new one
      – yesterdays highlights loose value, but is it fair..?

      The 3 women here all 3 cares a lot of their respektive familys wellfair, so maybe that would have been a part of the talk… 😉

  2. “3 girlfriends meet for coffee and conversation – the photo is from April 1962”

    From my white psalmbook (at least it used to be white) you can read the inscription printed in gold: “XXX XXX NR. Uttrup d. 29-4-62”: My name – The place – The date of my ‘konfirmation’.

    One of the many presents was my first photo camera (thank you yndlingsmoster Lilly), which I used very often the following days.
    So to day I am the happy owner of an album with many very unprofessionally taken black and white pictures documenting (ex.) the house interior of the XXX-family .

    What catches my eyes in your picture as a first, are the curtains.
    In some of my pictures you can see exactly the same curtains – dark blue, dark green and curry (as far as I remember).
    The curtains were hideous, but very trendy at that time. 😦

    And, I look at the women, who at the time must have been about my current age.
    Thank God for condemning the concept of ‘frue- kjoler og bluser, samt koldpermanent’ !!!
    I miss the knitting clubs, though! 😀

    I take it, that this picture shows your grandparents ‘aftægtsbolig’?

    As mentioned in another comment – I just love these pictures of yours from ‘ancient’ days! 🙂

    • #.elisabeth – 19042012.1622
      No it’s the woman in the shadow, who’s at home – the 2 others are visiting her – you’re right – that on old photos there’s signs telling us better than anything else how old they are… 😉

      At the time the picture was taken – my father was building a small house which my mums mother shortly after moved into (with my mums father) to enjoy their retirement – when we moved to first Sydschleswig and later Nordschleswig… 😉

      Yes dresscode have change since, but if ha´ve ‘read’ women right

      – then it will come up again… ‘big big smile’

      • “then it will come up again…”: Heaven forbid!
        Some ‘Hausfrau-kitler’, with lovely (bæbrune and giftiggrønne) little flowers scattered all over them, so that unavoidable stains are well hidden, are still for sale at ‘Sonja und Wolfgang’s’ in Aventoft, I suppose.

        “‘big big smile’”: Shame on you! 😀

        • #.elisabeth – 19042012.2317
          You wonderful woman, you just put an idea in my big crazy head – an idea of ​​my next WP post… ‘smile’

          There’s in ones mind clothes you associate with certain people – and it’s often inappropriate for others than just them… 😉

  3. @ledrakenoir: My second ex-wife (former mannequin) “teached me” about fashion. This strange – and for some very important – business reacts into larger circles. So before we´re prepared, we´ll face your Grandmothers clothes…..perhaps!? 😉

    • #.hulegaard – 19042012.2059
      Human civillisation are circles not a line – things comes back as australian boomerangs and if you not prepared – you’ll be hit in your neck also by the fashion… ‘smile’

      • Hvor er du bare sød!

        Som jeg har skrevet et andet sted, ællinges positive og gode kontakt med kvinder under hans opvækst har forlenet ham med evnen til at behandle alle kvinder, uanset alder, på upåklagelig vis. 😀

        • #.elisabeth – 20042012.0053
          Jeg er bare opdraget til at behandle andre som de behandler mig… 😉

          #.elisabeth – 20042012.0056
          Har også set en film med Helle Virkner,
          hvor hun bar en meget lignende kjole
          – den er ikke så umulig, sagt på den jyske måde… ‘smiler smørret’

    • #.cardinal guzman – 22042012.0855
      Thanks for stopping here and for your comment too… 😉

      Yes, I totally agree with you – conversation between people is nowadays perhaps basically too superficial – no social media can surely replace conversation – it’s not social media’s fault, they’re good enough – it is us who use them, we also need to listen – the old term “immersion promotes understanding” rule … 😉

      – and a café is a kind of social media, isn’t it..? 😉

    • #.gilly gee – 03052012.0642
      Thanks for your visit and your comment too – yes, it is told that “one should not rest in the past, but remembering it provides strength in the future”… 😉

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