Kiss the frog

The frogs “Raja” and “Rani” was married to each other in India

the distinctive wedding was to please the rain’god,

because the monsoon was about 2-3 weeks late..


The symbolism of the often used phrase “to kiss the frog” is to dare to search for anything you want from something which on the surface does not resemble what you want

 just one kiss will change it til the desired …

Maybe you have to do a lot of kissing… 😉


Here in the modern and imaginative world you go the other way

 lots of ‘princesses’ looking for the right gentleman perhaps on the white horse 

so they kiss a whole lot of princes 

which immediately transformed into frogs.


14 tanker om “Kiss the frog

    • #.hulegaard – 26042012.1033
      Yes “frog’eaters” some called them – the french-english conversation tone is very similar to the danish-swedish conversation tone – maybe multiplied 1.25 … 😉

      Remember when it was decided to channel connecting France and the british isles – there was a journalist who had spoken with 2 very old peasants – one from each side of the water – they did not claim that they looked forward to a direct connection … 😉

      The Frenchman would polish his dog on the Englishmen when he poked his head out of the hole – while the old nobel englishman would threaten ” the frogeaters” with his old hunting rifle so they went home again without having climbed up the hole… 😉

      But it didn’t go that way… ‘big smile’

      According to opinion polls and expert opinions as to “Le petit Napoleon” may be on his way to his “St. Helena” – now we must see – many hope it goes that way in France ….;-)

      Much can be said about Sarkozy and it’s done – but he has a beautiful wife,
      I really understand why he looks up to her… 😉

    • #.elisabeth – 27042012.1619
      Perhaps some would say it was luck but (I think that) some just have the ability to spot the princes disguised as frogs and frogs disguised as princes – even frogs disguised as frogs and princes disguised as princes – enjoy the ability … 😉

      • I count my blessings!
        My life has become too short for kissing any ‘hope to be a prince look alikes’.
        I leave that sport to those, who are still looking for the one and only. LOL

        • #.elisabeth – 27042012.1859
          Maybe the great sport for some, more like kissing and searching among frogs and princes rather than finding the prince or princess – reality tv shows the way … 😉

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