The old ugly tree

Life doesn’t go unnoticed – if it’s lived correctly

The old ugly tree has seen much over time – summer drought, autumn storm, winter frost and the unpredictable spring – survived countless attacks from insects, from sheep, from birds, from cattle, from humans – it creaks loudly as soon as the wind whistles around it – the energy off the ground encounter many obstacles in the battered old ugly tree
before it has come up to the foliage and all the fresh – but year after year, so it let the past behind and start on a fresh – when it is confident that now is the season started

no false starts like a lot of other plants and trees – itsn’t impatient as those who can’t wait  but looks if the weather “stay tune”.

Nature (and therefore humans too) often feel threatened by disabilities – especially other people’s handicaps – and in many contexts is age considered as a handicap

 both missing age and too much age

but isn’t life goes right from the start to the very end..?