The baby field manager

White asparagus sticking on the little danish island Samsø in the early 1960s

it was previously considered a delicacy,

but is perhaps now faded a bit among all the ingredients for cooking

The small danish island named Samso has for many years been known for their agriculture – for many years was the small island a giant in Denmark when we talked about growing asparagus and dairies producing cheese – later the island was famous worldwide especially in Denmark – because of their potato cultivation especially of early potatoes – now it’s still potatoes but also raspberries, blackberries, currants grown in their farms – also there’s been a few vineyards now, but still to a lesser extent.

 The cultivation of asparagus declined due to competition from south american asparagus from Chile – but they are now cultivated again, but on a smaller scale.

My mother’s parents, my grandparents had a farm including 15 acres  asparagus – it was much under Danish conditions – because there was much work connected with the cultivation – every early morning there was a job to do in the season – sticking the aparragus – they tolerate not much sunlight after they have broken up, they become discolored.- early in the morning my mother took down and helped her parents.

I was in my “child’buggy” where I could keep an eye on the others worked hard – my mother would after this work proceed to her nurse training – so I was looked after by my grandmother – the woman on the neighboring farm had always so busy with everything and was disgusted that my mom took me to the asparagus’work – she thought it was only bad mothers who did it – but her husband was a wonderful old man, who loved children – so he came by with candy to the little baby the fine ‘vehicle’ almost every day 

on saturdays he had often a cream puff with – when I had eaten it – there was as much cream puff smeared all over my ‘vehicle’ (though the hood was hit)

as in my stomach

and my fine ‘vehicle’ had to be washed.