The baby field manager

White asparagus sticking on the little danish island Samsø in the early 1960s

it was previously considered a delicacy,

but is perhaps now faded a bit among all the ingredients for cooking

The small danish island named Samso has for many years been known for their agriculture – for many years was the small island a giant in Denmark when we talked about growing asparagus and dairies producing cheese – later the island was famous worldwide especially in Denmark – because of their potato cultivation especially of early potatoes – now it’s still potatoes but also raspberries, blackberries, currants grown in their farms – also there’s been a few vineyards now, but still to a lesser extent.

 The cultivation of asparagus declined due to competition from south american asparagus from Chile – but they are now cultivated again, but on a smaller scale.

My mother’s parents, my grandparents had a farm including 15 acres  asparagus – it was much under Danish conditions – because there was much work connected with the cultivation – every early morning there was a job to do in the season – sticking the aparragus – they tolerate not much sunlight after they have broken up, they become discolored.- early in the morning my mother took down and helped her parents.

I was in my “child’buggy” where I could keep an eye on the others worked hard – my mother would after this work proceed to her nurse training – so I was looked after by my grandmother – the woman on the neighboring farm had always so busy with everything and was disgusted that my mom took me to the asparagus’work – she thought it was only bad mothers who did it – but her husband was a wonderful old man, who loved children – so he came by with candy to the little baby the fine ‘vehicle’ almost every day 

on saturdays he had often a cream puff with – when I had eaten it – there was as much cream puff smeared all over my ‘vehicle’ (though the hood was hit)

as in my stomach

and my fine ‘vehicle’ had to be washed.





16 tanker om “The baby field manager

  1. What a beautiful photo and somehow I can see the love and caring this couple have, not only for each other but for their farm. White asparagus is so hard to find, and such a delicacy. Thanks for sharing!

    • #.bella remy – 02052012.0206
      Yes, although the country life was hard work back then – there was much love hidden beneath the surface – both for humans, animals and agriculture itself… 😉

      Yes, asparagus is a delicacy – a wonderful ingredient in cooking… 😉

  2. Many inhabitants of small islands in Denmark and the EU as well are proud of their homeland. Is there a specialty from the birthplace, it will be highlighted in most contexts. 😉

    The majority of Danes would have thought of the potato, however asparagus supposes to be a true “national island brand of Samsoe”
    That the elongated South American country of Chile was a true competitor of asparagus, is new knowledge. What age / century / decade?

    • #.hulegaard – 02052012.0359
      Yes asparagus was the original Samsø agriculture goldmine – the start of the adventure – then potatos take over – potatos still ‘big’ on the island, but the listed berries but also leeks, celery, strawberries, beetroot and pumpkin (for the Halloween) helps greatly as “exports” from the small island in the middle of east and west Denmark… 😉

      There is the fun fact that many asparagus grown in Peru but is owned by people from Chile – Chile is a country with many investments in the south american neighborhood – for example also vineyards which are located in capital from Chile – both the money and the know-how are from Chile… 😉

  3. No wonder that the little field manager ended up managing ‘stuff”, when he grew up, considering the early learning. 🙂

    I love asparagus – both the white ones and the green ones – the more the better.

    And I love Samsø, even though I experienced the wonders of the island sitting on a rented bike.
    Pyyyeha! 😀
    Still – I wouldn’t mind doing it again!

    • #.elisabeth – 03052012.1921
      Rent out bikes is a big “article” for some handsome businessmen on the 28 km long (9 km at the widest point and 100 meters at the narrowest point) island – many tourists and a lot of schools at camp they rents bicycles to their school children for a number of days when they are visiting the island,- but also in the marinas rent sailors bikes. 😉

      Perhaps was the basis for the little “duckling”s career created at the asparagus fields in his very very young days… 😉

      • “the 28 km long (9 km at the widest point and 100 meters at the narrowest point) island ”
        You forgot to mention the difference between the altitude in Ballen and in Tranbjerg. It really felt like climbing a mountain. 😀
        I promised myself to bring my own bike (med mindst 4 gear!!!) next time (I was 41 years old at the time.) I went sightseeing on Samsø.
        Still, it was a treat to returne to ‘basecamp-Ballen’ from Tranbjerg in the evenings, letting the bike move all by itself. 😀

        • #.elisabeth – 04052012.1436
          Yes the the little top of the road from Ballen to Brundby is Samsø’s Alpe d’Huez – the first is just more straight than the last… 😉

          In the northen end of the island, there’s a few hurdles where you gets a little closer to heaven than the rest of the island… 😉

  4. En mi casa gustan mucho los espárragos, los blancos, los verdes, crudos, en revueltos, de todas formas.
    Tu historia es muy enternecedora, como en casi todas las historias un bueno y un malo, !que le molestaría a esa mujer que tu estuvieses allí! menos mal que el marido te mimaba, gran historia, abrazos

    In my house much like asparagus, whites, Greens, raw, in scrambled, anyway.Your story is very humbling, as in almost all stories a good and a bad,! you bother the woman that your were there! Luckily that the husband indulged you, great story, hugs

    • #.manoli rizo – 04052012.1311
      Here we also think that both the white and green asparagus is delicious, with many different dishes – my old mother has 5-6 plants in their garden, where she eats most raw as a delicacy before reaching into the table … 😉

      In the old story from my childhood, it was the woman from the neighboring farm, which had most problems – because no one, not even her own husband took her seriously in this issue … 😉

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