Recover the past

No don’t tell me something I already know 

that’s funny that my +76 year old dad

have a more modern mobile phone than I have

my Nokia 6110i have follow me nearly 10 years

and this couple of photos

they are catch by help of my dad’s m’phone

when I last visited my parants at home

They live on the little danish island Samsø

far far away from civilisation (joke)

One of the island’s distinctive buildings are just now being transformed back to the original look – the building was erected in 1900 after designs by renowned architect, Anton Rosen (1859-1928) as the island’s technical school – until 1962 it served as the island’s highest education – but the population base meant that there were no students enough for the kind of school on the island – so the school was closed in the middle of the 1960s – in 1970 there was a large municipal reform in Denmark – where the management was merged – so on the island they went from a lot of small “parish councils” to a large local authority control – it should have its own place – the choice fell on the former technical school – in fact they started i 1967 to prepare the new order – however, quickly proved to be too small – so therefor was built to the building – at that time have things to be very rational   

they were indifferent to how it looked – just it meet the needs 

 so the new extension was terribly ugly

and extension has never been called anything but “Madkassen” (the food container)

it has now been removed again

the municipal office is now relocated at the old nursing home,

there’s built a new one to old people on the island, who can not live at home

Almost next to the building, there was a tree that had grown up – so it bosom warmly hid the building from one side – the tree is now significantly cut back – it looks very funny – that the way it always be – on the other side of the road the old tree facing a new small tree

 Wondering about if the old tree says to the young tree – that it must be careful – because now it can been seen what happens – if it sticks its nose too far – but maybe the trees is like human that young people do not hear according what the old folks told them.