The grown up ugly duckling

This one, he became a swan

probably after being an ugly duckling among hens in his younger days

Beautiful clear white – he goes strutting around in the green grass with the yellow sea of dandelions – besides the tiny lake with all the reeds – keeps a sharp eye on the cattle, which uses the lake as a drinking trough.

Yes and keeps a watchful eye on everyone else – in the middle of the tiny lake his beloved soulmate sitting on the large nest between the rushes.

He is a passionate guy, if someone or something gets too close.

and defends his loved ones
as a crude fighter

The stories take up most of those who are born or hatched as swans and grow up as ugly ducklings – instead of, as Hans Christian Andersen, to tell the story of the ugly duckling who became a beautiful swan – these stories could be a model for those who sit in a nest and do not know which way to go (or fly).

The swan has been selected as Denmark’s national bird several years ago

it came at the behest of journalist Poul Thomsen from ‘Danmarks Radio’

in his program “Dus med dyrene” (Getting with the animals)

held a public vote among his many viewers.