The grown up ugly duckling

This one, he became a swan

probably after being an ugly duckling among hens in his younger days

Beautiful clear white – he goes strutting around in the green grass with the yellow sea of dandelions – besides the tiny lake with all the reeds – keeps a sharp eye on the cattle, which uses the lake as a drinking trough.

Yes and keeps a watchful eye on everyone else – in the middle of the tiny lake his beloved soulmate sitting on the large nest between the rushes.

He is a passionate guy, if someone or something gets too close.

and defends his loved ones
as a crude fighter

The stories take up most of those who are born or hatched as swans and grow up as ugly ducklings – instead of, as Hans Christian Andersen, to tell the story of the ugly duckling who became a beautiful swan – these stories could be a model for those who sit in a nest and do not know which way to go (or fly).

The swan has been selected as Denmark’s national bird several years ago

it came at the behest of journalist Poul Thomsen from ‘Danmarks Radio’

in his program “Dus med dyrene” (Getting with the animals)

held a public vote among his many viewers.



12 tanker om “The grown up ugly duckling

  1. The Danish National Bird is for sure a beautiful DK-logo. There are some lecture hidden in every HCA-story, which can be destilled in every persons life depended on the individual ability for not only understand, but indeed – in order to have and activate a true courage – master a change from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan.

    For some – like HCA – it succeeded post mortem, for others the “Swan-effect” arrives on the peak of their lives or occasionelly during their lifetime.

    PS. “Getting with the animals” or in Danish “Dus med Dyrene” or in ironic Danish “Des med Duerne” obtained many viewers, indeed not by coincidence!

    • #.hulegaard – 17052012.0926
      Yes hans Christian Andersen was a personality – exciting and what a writer – known worldwide – an author who had dtrength in his words and indeed power – It is said that he could be a somewhat difficult guest – when he visited for longer periods of Danish estates and manor houses – which he often do – quite demanding for attention – but write stories, he could to perfection – so the stories the day today – talk to peoples mind… 😉

      The swan is such a beautiful proud bird – elegant despite its size – and a wonderful (heatedly) mind… 😉

      The final section, we are very agree… 😉

  2. Fairy tales are an open landscape, anyone are free to make their own interpretations. And these leads to new sayings. As
    – “All that glitters isn’t gold (I know you have heard that story told)”.
    “The losers now will be later the win”.

    An intellectual dispute and polemical way between Andersen as “the sentimental romantic” and Pontoppidan as a “realistic modernist” can be drawn between the works “The Ugly Duckling” (Andersen) and “Ørneflugt”. (Pontoppidan). Other indications from ‘question-to-answer’ can be found in Lykke-Peter (Andersen) to Lykke-Per (Pontoppidan).

    • #.plt84 – 18052012.0845
      All fairy tales as well as all photo telles what the viewer or det reader picks up from them – no way have to be wrong or right – the two fairy tales “The ugly Duckling” and the “Eagle Escape” by Hans Christian Andersen and Henrik Pontoppidan have basic in the same theme – but with different endings – the first think most of the inheritance while the other believes most education – this discussion is still running for many years after the 2 splendid writers has passed away – both suggest however that it is up to people taking responsibility for their own lives – the biggest hurdles are put up by people themselves – outside world is only number 2… 😉 (danish)

      Yeah Hans Christian Andersen was an incurable romantic (and huge vain) while Henrik Pontoppidan was perhaps more cynical (and huge vanity) – in their way of thinking… 😉

    • #.bella demi – 21052012.0303
      Yes they are very temperamental with a heatedly mind – they rules very rough in the small lakes where they have their nests…

      But beautiful looking at – in safe distance… 😉

  3. How interesting about the swan having been selected as Denmark’s national bird.. I imagine because of the wonderful Hans Christian Andersen story. I’ve always loved that one…

    But I agree with your commenters that it’s better to admire their elegance them from a distance – they’re pretty aggressive.

    • #.kimberly sullivan – 21052012.1125
      Yes, there is certainly no doubt that Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling” is the reason for the election – as the Danish national bird – but it’s most beautiful from a distance – it’s a bit of a tyrant to the surroundings – but beautiful it looks… 😉

  4. Preciosa imagen para esas bonitas palabras, no me extraña que lo hallan cogido como el ave nacional de Dinamarca, es muy bello, saludos

    Precious image for these nice words, does not surprise me that they find taken it as the national bird of Denmark, is very beautiful, regards

    • #.manoli rizo – 21052012.1821
      Thanks for your kindly words – yes, the swan is a dignified and elegant bird – not so lively in the air but with a lot of grace and style… 😉

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