Weekly Photo Challenge (hands)

Weekly Photo Challenge

theme: hand(s)

An adage that is “world famous” in Denmark is
“If you give the devil a little finger, so he takes the whole hand”
(perhaps also known in other countries)

The beautiful yellow dandelion is called in danish
“Fandens Mælkebøtte” (Devil’s Dandelion)

there’s no doubt that danish dandelions know this proverb

About not to know own limitations
it’s not a weakness, as the dandelion has alone
it is also known in many other contexts.

So it’s almost a human characteristic of dandelion.

14 tanker om “Weekly Photo Challenge (hands)

  1. Looking out of my window on 1st floor I can face at least some dandelions on my lawn, by fact normally at this time of the year. In Danish also named “løvetand” (=liontooth).

    Regarding the theme “hand´s ” one could add, that the dandelions are visualized “hands on” 😉

  2. Aquí en Andalucía se dice “le doy un dedo y se coge la mano”, es más o menos lo mismo, y esas florecitas también me traen loca, cuando salen en mi cesped jajajaja, saludos

    Here in Andalusia it is said ” I give him a finger and the hand is taken “, it are more or less the same thing, and these florecitas also bring me mad, when they go out in my lawn jajajaja, regards

    • #.manoli rizo – 22052012.0013
      I think a lot of people feel the same way as you did about dandelion among the grassstraws – I do – lawns have to be green and not yellow-green… 😉

      • Totalmente de acuerdo el cesped debe ser verde, verde, jajajajaja, que estas plantitas dan mucho trabajo

        Totally in agreement the lawn must be green, green, jajajajaja, that these plantitas give a lot of work

        • #.manoli rizo – 22052012.1037
          A light windy day when you stand and look at your lawn and see a lot of dandelion seeds come floating in the wind like little parachutes with tiny “bombs” hanging – ready to attack the lawn – itsn’t a big smile day… 😉

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