The old ugly tree

Life doesn’t go unnoticed – if it’s lived correctly

The old ugly tree has seen much over time – summer drought, autumn storm, winter frost and the unpredictable spring – survived countless attacks from insects, from sheep, from birds, from cattle, from humans – it creaks loudly as soon as the wind whistles around it – the energy off the ground encounter many obstacles in the battered old ugly tree
before it has come up to the foliage and all the fresh – but year after year, so it let the past behind and start on a fresh – when it is confident that now is the season started

no false starts like a lot of other plants and trees – itsn’t impatient as those who can’t wait  but looks if the weather “stay tune”.

Nature (and therefore humans too) often feel threatened by disabilities – especially other people’s handicaps – and in many contexts is age considered as a handicap

 both missing age and too much age

but isn’t life goes right from the start to the very end..?

25 tanker om “The old ugly tree

  1. In Danish we´ve – among so many – a saying:”Every age keeps its own charm!” – Perhaps if the old tree could tell stories from its rings behind the bark, it would be agree.

    By the way the whole scenery (the picture is from Samsoe, I guess) reminds the commentator of a prevoius post on this blog, telling a snapstory about the blog-owners great father……I wonder, why (?) 😉

    • #.hulegaard – 31052012.1817
      Yeah – every age has it’s own charm – agrees – I’ll go further saying that every person has their own champ – but not all knows their own charm or hid it away – either consciously or unconsciously – one could say that charm is not age-related… ‘big smile’

      Yes the photo is from the small danish island of Samso – taken at my Pentecostal visit – the old “general” is not quite as’ scary ‘as the old ugly tree behind my parents’ home… ‘big smile’

    • #.soma mukherjee – 31052012.2106
      Agrees and charm has nothing to do with age – one’s “look” is not decisive, but more how one perceive oneself – it rubs off on the outside world… 😉

    • #.manoli rizo – 31052012.2333
      Yes, beauty has nothing to do with age
      – those who believe it that, they lives in my eyes in a false world … 😉

      Yes, think if “things” could write their memoirs – what amazing stories… 😉

    • #.bella remy – 01062012.0339
      Yeah – although the tree can’t write or speak, so it can easily tell a great story – often tales is where one look after them… 😉

    • #.narhvalur – 02062012.1602
      Agree, the word “ugly” is a very subjectively word – age and life do something with everything – and it’s not ugly… 😉

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