Weekly Photo Challenge (summer)

In the summer of 69” sings the canadian musician Bryan Adams
if there had been a little more light and by looking properly
‘Le Drake Noir’ was seen as audience at this concert


but no it ain’t about 1969 this story, but the summer of 1981 it’s all about
the theme of Weekly Photo Challenge is “summer”
this weekly task is to show a photo
either gives the feeling of summer or brings memories of summer
here it is not so much a feeling but a fun memory.

 and the story can begin:

The (last) Wall Tour with The Pink Floyd

at Earls Court southwest London June 13th in 1981

In the start of 1973 “Le Drake Noir” as a bigger duckling got hooked on the rockgroup “Pink Floyd” when they sent out their album “Dark side of the Moon” – so much that all their albums including their old old mono recordings have place in the music rack.

But music must be heard live, it’s number one.

 Through youth were many concert places visited not only in Denmark but all over Europe mostly a 4-5 young people in my red Opel Ascona A19S – where we spliced on gasoline  typically we drove off in the morning – to be at the destination in good time – waiting time was then used for relaxation, lots of coffee and chatting with others who were going to the concert – the others drank maybe some beer – never I, firstly I drive the car and partly because it acted for me to hear some live music – beer, one could always get.

The trip started on friday just before midnight – when the others jumped into the car at Aarhus University – after about 750 kms driving – which is probably approximately 460 miles – via Hamburg, Bremen, Antwerp – we land in the belgian port town Ooestende about 7 hours later – enjoy some breakfast at a crafty cafe – find a safe place to park my car – and have bought tickets for the ferry from Ooestende to Dover

 Joins all the others travellers from the east southeast by train from Dover to Victoria Station in London – what a station not new at all, but what a number of people on the platforms – it felt like all londoners are there – and so it’s only the second largest railway terminus in town – Waterloo is biggere – it makes Aarhus Central Station look like a tiny train stop in a deserted town – said with a twinkle in the eye.

 We had plenty of time for the concert that started at 8 o’clock – so we checked the train timetable and found out that ‘the last train to Dover departed after midnight – it was a perfect fit as we could reach the ferry and be home early sunday evening.

We all 5 have to be at our studies or jobs monday morning.

So we went quietly to Earls Court, no hurry – the closer we got, the more it began to look like people on the way to Pink Floyd concert – there were all sorts of people – old hippies, rockers, skinheads, punks, suit ‘people, jeans’people – not boring – we happens to walk beside a small group of germans in our own age – who believed in London that they could only speak german together so did nobody understand them – but when one has lived much of his childhood quite close to the danish-german border and also in Schleswig in a period – then the german language is not a problem – that there was “viel spaß” (very funny) out of that chat – especially one of the girls got red cheeks addition to that there was no language barrier was yo hide behind – we found out at our 2 groups should be in the same section – so we went together all the way.

About the concert itself, there is said and written enormous – and posted footage on YouTube – so I’ll just say that it was an amazing experience – just fantastic.

Earls Court in “ready for Olympic Games 2012 dress” (public photo)


The german girl with the “red cheeks” and “Le Drake Noir” stand side by side in the mixed danish-german group – the music was good, atmosphere was nice and light very very soft, at least among the audience – so what is much more natural than to taste how a kiss taste – it tasted damn good so you might as well go kissing on. – then suddenly was the amazing concert finished – and the light in the hall was lit – schedules won’t, at least for concerts, never or almost never go as planned.

My companions from Denmark was a little panicky, more than a little – much more – they were afraid to miss the train to Dover and then the ferry too – so there were many, who disturbed the 2 kissing heads – so it had to quickly write our numbers down – this was before mobile phones – on separate piece of paper – and rings together monday – we only knew each other’s first names – we swapped the piece of papers in a hurry, farewell kissing and “Le Drake Noir” chased behind its stressful traveling companions – we reached Victoria Station – just to see the rear of the last train – there weren’t many people on the platforms – and no train – the others were even more stressful – yes they gave me the blame for the reason, we came too late – but I had not slowed down the concert.


 While the others were so sorry the selfish way and verified the others in that it was terrible – then discovered “Le Noir Drake” – a strange train at the inner platform – went over to the platform – the others followed reluctant to – I talked to a nice elderly gentleman in uniform – it was a postal uniform and a post train – it was about to run and had to stop at all stations on the way to Dover and Folkestone – with it we could reach a ferry not in Dover but in Folkestone to Ooestende and my car.

But it was not allowed with passengers on the train – but “Le Drake Noir” got the kindly elder gentleman to talk about his career in post-government service – so when the train was running – he was not finished the story – so he asked,

if we wanted to go to Folkestone.

Towards Folkestone I discovered that the piece of paper I had in my pocket
that it was my own phone number was written on it.

So there was a german girl, Marlene from Dusseldorf, who went around with a piece of paper in her pocket – where her own phone number stood on.

When I look at my photo of Pink Floyd ticket – not often – so I think with a smile at how random life is – and think with a smile about summer of 1981 too.