Do it yourself – in worse case

Yesterday on “The Daily Post from Word Press”  Elisabeth asked for some “DIY’ blogs” (which means do it yourself stories) – it sounds creative and trendy to say “that have I tried” – yeah tried to do it yourself – fewer have told the stories – at least them who have stories like mine – I have tried doing it myself once – and maybe I won’t do that again.

Read the post yourself “link” – the recipe is “before, while and after”. 

The story took place 5-6 years ago – an old grocery store close to where my parents lives was to be emptied and demolished – in the basement stood there among a lot of junk – an old worn out bike, as young deliverly boys had used to deliver ordered groceries to the grocery store’s customers – the old lazy bike ended at my old dad’s place.

My parents lives in an abandoned farmhouse in the countryside near the small island’s main road – there stood the bike in a shed when I visited my parents in some sunny days of holiday – I decided to spend some hours to shine the old bike up.

So the next couple of hours was ‘hard’ work, where the bicycle was washed and separated into smaller pieces – some things were welded – some things were polished with sandpaper – some things were polished – some things were smeared with oil – some few things were replaced with new parts – some things were painted beautiful black.

so was the separated bike allowed to rest and to dry
the all afternoon while there was convicted beach time for the ‘bike mechanic’
  and the bike left in peace throughout the evening too
which was a BBQ evening with a little bottle of red wine in the garden.

Next day when the bike was ready to be reassembled
went very smoothly and the bike was functional very fast, ready to use
after a short but perfect test drive
I put the bike in the driveway in front of my parents’ house
and went after a camera to photograph the bike
snatched just a quick cup of coffee when I was indoors

Some readers would probably ask, where is the photo of the result

The answer is – that photo was never shot.

When I came out not more than 5 minutes later.

The bike was stolen, and never found.later on.

That was my “diy” storie.  


Weekly Photo Challenge (create)

What’s hidden behind the word “create”, we can hide much behind the word
perhaps a bit like Lego bricks to build on the bricks you have already (it’s always good to have bricks that can be moved with) or you can shape a whole new set bricks
sometimes the word, it is used negatively – to be too much creative.

Such bricks as the creative one will / may move around or make some brand new
they can be both imaginary and / or palpable.

The greatest threat to creativity, it’s probably traditions.

This was in part of the 1960s and 1970s, my childhood home
then our family moved north.

That’s the way, it looks like to day in 2012
some think it’s a shame, others don’t
tradition can be pure poison for creativity.

but I think it’s a shame
that the giant copper beech has been felled.

Conversation, with few words

(screenshot: from the movie “Paris, Je t’aime”) 


Conversation is the main cause of conflict
or maybe discussion
to often consists of monologues only.

often people isn’t talk “with” each other, but “to” each other
in English language there’s probably no difference
called both “talking to each other”
but there is a world of difference

the same can be said for listening
“I hear what you say” or “I know what you think”
we often hear or use – but is that really true
isn’t it often, instead what was believed that was said
or even not listening because we think we know what would be said
so we might as well focusing on what we would say ourselves afterwards

silence of the listener need not always mean attention
perhaps it’s to breathe
or to concentration, about what or how we will interrupt


It’s a shame
ability to find words is amazing
every language has great potential
and there are many wonderful language.

Just look at this statement:

the last 2 are first the chinese character and then next the message from the flowerbed 

It still go wrong
so the best is perhaps
either touching each other,
or say it with a photo.


Create your own challenge

“Bodypaint, my ass” some people say
it’s probably not a problem, if you ask a man full of ideas
as Kim Joon

“Art is what you don’t can – if you can do it – is no art”
maybe it’s not the all true story, but I love that phrase 

(Kim Joon) 

There are many, real many, ways of expression of the world of art – imagination is the limit we are told, but sometimes we can doubt about if imagination really is such a sharp limit or maybe that limit is more like fuel on our human imagination – does it when it comes to the crunch of “people with convoluted brains” are widely around – fortunately.

Bodypainting and tattoo also has an area of great development.
then also have to say that the “canvas” there’s used here
– it’s beautiful and exciting

Tattoo (and bodypainting too) is perhaps still a bit of a taboo in Korea where it is seen as belonging to the criminal environment and convicted persons – but a rebellion, especially from the younger generation have moved the perception to be more accepting – although this or maybe more because of this – they have done bodypaint and tatto trendy mostly among young people in Korea as elsewhere in the world


Kim Joon (link), korean artist born in Seoul in 1966 – in his home country well known among other qualities as a great bodypainter as which he has been very creative and beautiful works of art created perhaps not on canvas but on the naked human bodies.

“Le Noir Drake” must admit in the past that had seen body painting was something gimmicky something – a blurred byway of porn light street – which then led on to the main street – ‘the black drake’ must then admit that it was a hasty opinion.


3D Animation ‘link‘ 

All photos: Kim Joon – “link homepage

Weekly Photo Challenge “Close”

This phrase “Close but no cigar” would be said to those who failed to win a prize.
the word “close” is a very used word,
how close “close” is that’s located in individual values.
About really close relationships are said
if someone knows everything about you and still likes you
– that’s close.
The Weekly Photo Challenge from Word Press is “close”
based on relationships.

As said, there are as many approaches as there are people to this expression.
If a relationship, in my eyes, is really quite close – then you maybe don’t notice it as that close – before it’s not there longer – because it’s both visible and invisible
close relationship perhaps most a question about synergy
truly a powerful effect – one plus one makes three.

Perhaps the effect won’t get lost
when or if the source to the effect disappears
the effect of long-term close relations are well known
influence of a shorter ended close relationship
maybe, even not die, but it is a quality in one’s backpack

 Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge “close”

Photo by my little brother and I, for quite close to 44 years ago – we were simply really quite close to each other – as an only child for 7 years I had been looking forward incredible crazy much to get a little brother and I almost idolized him – simply loved the role as being big brother – unfortunately, he was very sick for most of his short life – he died at the age of 6 because of blood cancer – the photo is taken by our mother in 1968  where we are about one and eight years old.

This is not a sentimental posts – only my approach, when talking about close relationships and their influence on the long run called life – it’s not about being stuck in the past – not at all – although the ability to do it is there – but not here – close relationship will not only be interrupted by death but also by many other factors – some relationships they are even “born “to to be short (and ‘profitable’ in many ways).

So the moral is that close relationships are amazing whether it be short or long relationships – they offer something you can take with you in the backpack.

that was something I learned from my brother
and life has later on convinced me
that this is how it is – or open my eyes, to realize that it is the way.

Thoughts on challenges

Well there is actually a cloud in the sky, look closely

Here is the weather forecast not by, but for “Le Drake Noir” for the weekend – seen this afternoon – the.Weekly Photo Challenge of Word Press, last week’s theme was “to day” and “to day” is a damn important day, because it’s the first day of the rest of your life

Really don’t miss it

and what’s waiting..?

a blue blue sky

ohhh would the black viewers say very pessimistic

“There’s a cloud on the blue blue sky

so it’s proberly start raining”

In Danish, there is a children’s nonsense sayings
“Hvis hvis hvis, min røv er spids, så ka’ jeg skide i en flaske”
“If if if, my ass is peak, then I can shit in a bottle

 implied that if the problems doesn’t come by itself
so you can always help them on their way.

How many percent blue sky and what percentage cloud..?

For some weeks ago, the teme of Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge was “Blue”

Many, maybe to many, fell blue when they discovers a cloud on the blue sky – but a blue sky with clouds is, in my eyes, prettier than without – as people with “scars” or wrinkles often prettier and more exciting than those without.

The perfect can be imperfect and the imperfect be perfect

By the way, so I really know why this clouds pops up.

A powerpoint presentation that I should have finish today for a business relationship
(that is, among others, tasks like that which I do for living)
my client will use the presentation  monday late afternoon – and should also have time to read it as preparation before the meeting where he will speak from it – but the client should provide for me, a range of economic value indicators that should be an important ingredient in the presentation – this material he hasn’t finalized and sent to me as promised – so I won’t get this material before late sunday night.

Right the cloud hangs on my blue sky, but if it’s grow up as a rainy cloud,
so it isn’t me who gets wet.

I wonder if many of the problems you think you have – in fact, are other people’s problems – but you can then help others with their problems – but do not believe they’re yours.