Weekly Photo Challenge (to day)

The very old story about the prince and his white horse.

For years – indeed, so long as it can be remembered – there was talk of the prince on a white horse – it has mostly been girls who dreamed about this guy – who rode up and took the dizzy girl up on his proud horse and rode away – perhaps in light of sunset – very romantic – and probably not impossible – but the girls always complained of the prince did not come – and they did not know where he lived.

“Le Drake Noir” to day (and “to day” is actually the theme of The Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge) found the domicile of the proud prince and his white horse.

The beautiful white horse grazed on the prince’s marks – while the hero rested – before he probably went out saving cute girls from boredom and longing for romance.

Maybe all aspiring girls (and some boys), simply looked the wrong places.

22 tanker om “Weekly Photo Challenge (to day)

  1. Excuse me, in case I derail the substance a bit, however I remember “Topper”. The name of the white horse from the famous cowboy Hopalong Cassidy. “To day” there are certainly few like Hopalong Cassidy, however “the prince” and “Hopalong Cassidy” – both figures by fact – are seldom on the roads. We all need a bit of adventure and the two pictures from a beautiful Danish island illustrated above provide a certain feeling of adventure.

    • #.hulegaard – 03062012.1434
      Hopalong Cassidy have in fact his own homesite… 😉
      Yeah, we all need some adventures – and we need to let all the black viewers make their own business – let there be light on the world -and humor should be a subject in school – right from the start – some teachers would then perhaps have to learn it in school teacher training college – and some of the parents maybe have to learn it in evening classes… ‘big smile’

  2. I know you wrote this post just for me. From a damsel in distress you are my white knight. 🙂

    • #.bente haarstad – 03062012.2315
      I think the prince is rest before the ride – he lives at the “big” castle seen on the small photo – he is besides being the prince with the white horse also blacksmith and musician – a hard working prince… ‘smile’

    • #.narhvalur – 04062012.0807
      It is an old smithy – through many generations – the black smith formerly stood by the fire all day long and worked – the current blacksmith, he just shoe horses and play much music (accordion and electric organ) at parties… 😉

  3. Aha a lovely fair tale …what a beautiful horse…oh i am sure the prince was charming and the end made me laugh
    but so true more often than not people are looking for love in wrong places 🙂

    • #.soma mukherjee – 05062012.1142
      Thanks – yesterday I saw the horse and my first thought was “Where is the prince..?” – he might have rested, while the white horse grazed – it looked like the old fairy tale – and yes I agree, it seems like many women (and men) just looking at the prince or princess were they are “sure”not to find the prince or orincess.. 😉

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