Weekly Photo Challenge (friendship)

Friendship comes in many flavors – tied with many different types of ribbon or strings.

friendships are sometimes predictable, sometimes illogical
there is no manual or guide for buddy relationships

they can grow out of nowhere
but also had a hard birth.

seen alliances between humans, between animals. between animals and humans
basically, it’s perhaps a matter of chemistry.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge (friendship)
photo taken by my father’s mother (grandmother) in the beginning of June 1959.

(My mum as young with the dog “Lady”)

but there are a related story in the shadow of the photo:

Lady or perhaps better 3 ladies

My father’s mother (my grandmother) was a special woman – learning life the hard way   as one of the oldest child in a group of 17 siblings – a female with a very very solid character with her own strong principles – and her own ideas – which were very hard to move – often needed a lot pushing – a very honest and genuine woman with great many qualities, but humor was not among these gualities – she was the mother of 2 children.

My father and his elder brother – she tried to exert its influence on these 2 boys – but they were just as smoky as she was salted (danish expression when 2 gives another qualified opposition) – of course she was also critical of her sons’ choice of girlfriend – both of her sons chose their life partner almost as teenagers – too early in her eyes, who was 19, when she took the choice herself. 

That june day in 1959 was the youngest son present his sweetheart for his parents and tell that they actually got engaged the sunday before too – it was not just a walkover – that knew her youngest son and that knew the older brother and his wife all about  remembering when she was presented some years before.

Thr old lady have a weak spot – her beloved dog “Lady”, she just “loved” this dog
it followed her everywhere and enjoyed her favors in rich abundance.

So it was a friendly but skeptical upcoming mother in law – said hello to the 17 year old upcoming daughter in law – and invited her inside.

and what happened

Few minutes after that the young woman was placed in the older woman’s armchair – then her beloved dog “Lady” almost sitting on top of her guest – the dog who had always been reserved with strangers – and the dog had completely forgotten her owner and this was the way the all day (and it was the way, so long as the dog lived) – so during this sunday something happened that nobody had seen before – that the old lady changed her mind within a few hours from black to white…

So the dog “Lady” accompanying a friendship that day
which formed another friendship in its surrounding.


12 tanker om “Weekly Photo Challenge (friendship)

  1. In some ways “Lady” became the bridge between the Blog owners mother and her mother-in-law (the Blog owners grandmother). Great story – perhaps even better than “Lady and the Tramp”! 😉

    P.S. 17 siblings – wauw….!

    • #.hulegaard – 09062012.2143
      Yes, 17 siblings – great-grandmother was an energetic woman in many ways – the 17 children were over 20 years – so there were not many breaks… 😉

      Yes, the dog Lady was the bridge between the other 2 Lady’s… 😉

      But there was now an ally more – my father’s father always looks straight in the eyes of people – and he only needed the first meeting at the railway station and car trips back home – so he had welcomed his son the choice – and what the “hell” now they ‘ve almost been married for 53 years… 😉

    • #.bella remy – 10062012.0217
      The animals senses are amazing to watch, … 😉

      ‘hahaha’ – salt’nd smokey makes you think of beef jerky – you says ‘beef jerky’ it’s make me think of a former english colleague – she always was quick to a comment and she called “The Spice Girls” for “The Beef Jerky Singers”… 😉

    • #.manoli rizo – 10062012.2346
      The dog “Lady” threw immediately her love to her owner’s new daughter-in-law – so it opened the eyes of the dog’s owner… 😉
      Many times animals may be better to see through people for better or worse – and to find qualities in people than other people themself isn’t see at first sight… 😉

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