Science for bird brains

Sunday sunset.

All the small birds are so positive.

when the sun go down, they sing so delighted also last evening

they’re even more delighted, when rains stop

but most delighted they are, when the sun rise.

the small birds know the truth

to day monday, the sun shines again.



17 thoughts on “Science for bird brains

    • #.hulegaard – 18062012.0952
      If the Danish weather wasn’t as changeable as it is – then it could be interesting what we danes would talk about – perhaps the small birds are the brightest of us – I think the small birds say “half full” rather than “half empty”, as many of us do – when we see a bottle with half of the capacity is used… ‘hahaha’

      Anyway probably the birds are singing better than most of us do… ‘hahaha’

    • #.kimberly sullivan – 18062012.1540
      You are not the only one, not at all… ‘big smile’

      The small birds’ song is actually very life-affirming.

      Thanks, i really appreciate it… 😉

  1. WOW, I love sunset and sunrise photos. This is an awesome photo, the colors are so vibrant I fill like I am right there enjoying this sunset! Funny, I was admiring this photo of yours and leaving this comment when I got your comment! 🙂

  2. What about the little birds that are so happy with life that they insist on singing in the middle of the night? They are indeed my favorite and I love to watch them every day while they are out singing their little hearts out.

  3. “to day monday, the sun shines again”:
    Nice to hear, that monday was good to you.
    Maybe it was because of the fact, that – most happy is the one, who can rest after a mission well done.
    (Skal forestille at være en oversættelse af salmeverslinien: Lykkeligst at hvile på, er fuldendte gerning. 😀

    Your post is tagged ex. humor, so therefore I dare to write as follows below. 🙂

    “when the sun go down, they sing so delighted also last evening”:
    A similar experience might have been the inspiration for the author of the novel, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest ” ( 1962 by Ken Kesey), after the singing birds had kept him awake all night.
    Sorry! I had to! 😀

    I just love the picture! 🙂

    • #.elisabeth – 21062012.0048
      ‘haha’ – yes maybe it was because I have finished all waiting “missions” at that time – that the sun shines monday… 😉

      Nothing like pure clean conscience… ‘hahaha’

      – and I had it at that moment… 😉 😉 😉

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