Weekly Photo Challenge “Close”

This phrase “Close but no cigar” would be said to those who failed to win a prize.
the word “close” is a very used word,
how close “close” is that’s located in individual values.
About really close relationships are said
if someone knows everything about you and still likes you
– that’s close.
The Weekly Photo Challenge from Word Press is “close”
based on relationships.

As said, there are as many approaches as there are people to this expression.
If a relationship, in my eyes, is really quite close – then you maybe don’t notice it as that close – before it’s not there longer – because it’s both visible and invisible
close relationship perhaps most a question about synergy
truly a powerful effect – one plus one makes three.

Perhaps the effect won’t get lost
when or if the source to the effect disappears
the effect of long-term close relations are well known
influence of a shorter ended close relationship
maybe, even not die, but it is a quality in one’s backpack

 Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge “close”

Photo by my little brother and I, for quite close to 44 years ago – we were simply really quite close to each other – as an only child for 7 years I had been looking forward incredible crazy much to get a little brother and I almost idolized him – simply loved the role as being big brother – unfortunately, he was very sick for most of his short life – he died at the age of 6 because of blood cancer – the photo is taken by our mother in 1968  where we are about one and eight years old.

This is not a sentimental posts – only my approach, when talking about close relationships and their influence on the long run called life – it’s not about being stuck in the past – not at all – although the ability to do it is there – but not here – close relationship will not only be interrupted by death but also by many other factors – some relationships they are even “born “to to be short (and ‘profitable’ in many ways).

So the moral is that close relationships are amazing whether it be short or long relationships – they offer something you can take with you in the backpack.

that was something I learned from my brother
and life has later on convinced me
that this is how it is – or open my eyes, to realize that it is the way.