Create your own challenge

“Bodypaint, my ass” some people say
it’s probably not a problem, if you ask a man full of ideas
as Kim Joon

“Art is what you don’t can – if you can do it – is no art”
maybe it’s not the all true story, but I love that phrase 

(Kim Joon) 

There are many, real many, ways of expression of the world of art – imagination is the limit we are told, but sometimes we can doubt about if imagination really is such a sharp limit or maybe that limit is more like fuel on our human imagination – does it when it comes to the crunch of “people with convoluted brains” are widely around – fortunately.

Bodypainting and tattoo also has an area of great development.
then also have to say that the “canvas” there’s used here
– it’s beautiful and exciting

Tattoo (and bodypainting too) is perhaps still a bit of a taboo in Korea where it is seen as belonging to the criminal environment and convicted persons – but a rebellion, especially from the younger generation have moved the perception to be more accepting – although this or maybe more because of this – they have done bodypaint and tatto trendy mostly among young people in Korea as elsewhere in the world


Kim Joon (link), korean artist born in Seoul in 1966 – in his home country well known among other qualities as a great bodypainter as which he has been very creative and beautiful works of art created perhaps not on canvas but on the naked human bodies.

“Le Noir Drake” must admit in the past that had seen body painting was something gimmicky something – a blurred byway of porn light street – which then led on to the main street – ‘the black drake’ must then admit that it was a hasty opinion.


3D Animation ‘link‘ 

All photos: Kim Joon – “link homepage

24 tanker om “Create your own challenge

    • #.madhu – 23062012.1507
      “Never said never, again” – a film title with Sean Connery in the main figure and now a “Le Drake Noir” statement… ‘hahaha’

  1. Beautiful…
    Although i must admit anything which is as painful as a tattoo is a big turn off…. body painting is one lovely form of art and the paintings here are exquisite

    • #.soma mukherjee – 23062012.1524
      Have never tried to get a tattoo – has been a blood donor since I was 18 years old and has been a bone marrow donor 2 times (once at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen and once in the Norwegian Oslo) – there are suspension in a period if you get tattoos – I like more be a blood donor than get a tattoo… 😉

      About body painting, I have never received the offer of any… ‘hahaha’

  2. Both the viewer as well as the artist himself can be more than happy of the very reason, that Kim Joon is born and works south of the 38te latitude. I truly believe, that “the art of body-painting” north of the latitude keeps a certain exclusive red colour. 😉

    Body-painting (and tatoo) is popular these days, but most are not as artistically made ​​as the illustrations. It has never had any kind of interest for this undersigned commentator, however thanks for the alternative post. 😉

    • #.hulegaard – 23062012.1556
      About north of the 38te latitude, there’s probably only one legitimate motive
      and it’s probably not allowed to bodypaint ‘that’… 😉

      I changed a little bit perception about body painting, after had seen Kim Joon’s work myself – but will not end up in any of the roles… 😉

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