Conversation, with few words

(screenshot: from the movie “Paris, Je t’aime”) 


Conversation is the main cause of conflict
or maybe discussion
to often consists of monologues only.

often people isn’t talk “with” each other, but “to” each other
in English language there’s probably no difference
called both “talking to each other”
but there is a world of difference

the same can be said for listening
“I hear what you say” or “I know what you think”
we often hear or use – but is that really true
isn’t it often, instead what was believed that was said
or even not listening because we think we know what would be said
so we might as well focusing on what we would say ourselves afterwards

silence of the listener need not always mean attention
perhaps it’s to breathe
or to concentration, about what or how we will interrupt


It’s a shame
ability to find words is amazing
every language has great potential
and there are many wonderful language.

Just look at this statement:

the last 2 are first the chinese character and then next the message from the flowerbed 

It still go wrong
so the best is perhaps
either touching each other,
or say it with a photo.


12 tanker om “Conversation, with few words

  1. “Men are Mars and women are to Venus”. Communication between the two gender has always been a most difficult affair. Although the slotted Chinese woman is exciting, I definitely prefer “Suzanne” in the movie = Juliette Binoche. She´s “something”……!

    The Blog owner has certainly been studying in the language laboratory! 😉

    • #.hulegaard – 24062012.1944
      The Venus and Mars theory are shown in more than theory, and maybe not that stupid – but maybe not the whole truth about the missing communikation between people, because communication failures seen among the sexes internally too… 😉

      “Too big mouth coupled with small ears, a dangerous cocktail” – a favorite phrase from a well known danish business head, when his staff fails come through with their message – I mostly agree… 😉

      I remembers surely the blog commentator finds pleasure in watching Juliette Binoche movies – agree she’s lovely… 😉

      ‘hahaha’ – “the language laboratory” it’s a good one – all language are amazing,if they are used in conversation and communication, but they are all terrible at shrill hysterical propaganda and manipulation… ;-9

  2. I agree with you. People are often talking to eachother and not with eachother. Monologue after monologue, and generally people have nothing interesting to say: just some shit about the weather or some other crap..

    • #.cardinal guzman – 25062012.2005
      Yeah you have a point – the last my father said, when I as 16 years old left home because of education – it was – remember you can learn anywhere, at least how it shouldn’t be – the best advice I ever received – it has made me curious to find “truths” in the world around me – because I know there are other “truths” than the ones I have – you don’t find them, by speaking about the “weather” … 😉

  3. Great post – and I love all the languages you posted. I’m always fascinated by language and how words and expressions really mean different things in various languages. I’m studying Chinese now and the character for love – ‘ai’- that you have here is fascinating because it has so many elements in it, including the roof of the house and the heart (‘xin’). I’m awful at writing Chinese characters, but I love to analyse their origins… : )

    • #.kimberly sullivan – 27062012.1406
      1000 thanks… 😉

      I’m fascinated by language too, and all the many options with them – unfortunately the opportunities ain’t always used or used correctly.

      I think it’s hard work to learn chinese or maybe I’m wrong…? 😉

    • #bella remy – 28062012.1355
      We all, in my eyes, waste much time
      – because we not are that good listener as we believe… ‘smile’

      You are right, it’s hard work… 😉

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