Do it yourself – in worse case

Yesterday on “The Daily Post from Word Press”  Elisabeth asked for some “DIY’ blogs” (which means do it yourself stories) – it sounds creative and trendy to say “that have I tried” – yeah tried to do it yourself – fewer have told the stories – at least them who have stories like mine – I have tried doing it myself once – and maybe I won’t do that again.

Read the post yourself “link” – the recipe is “before, while and after”. 

The story took place 5-6 years ago – an old grocery store close to where my parents lives was to be emptied and demolished – in the basement stood there among a lot of junk – an old worn out bike, as young deliverly boys had used to deliver ordered groceries to the grocery store’s customers – the old lazy bike ended at my old dad’s place.

My parents lives in an abandoned farmhouse in the countryside near the small island’s main road – there stood the bike in a shed when I visited my parents in some sunny days of holiday – I decided to spend some hours to shine the old bike up.

So the next couple of hours was ‘hard’ work, where the bicycle was washed and separated into smaller pieces – some things were welded – some things were polished with sandpaper – some things were polished – some things were smeared with oil – some few things were replaced with new parts – some things were painted beautiful black.

so was the separated bike allowed to rest and to dry
the all afternoon while there was convicted beach time for the ‘bike mechanic’
  and the bike left in peace throughout the evening too
which was a BBQ evening with a little bottle of red wine in the garden.

Next day when the bike was ready to be reassembled
went very smoothly and the bike was functional very fast, ready to use
after a short but perfect test drive
I put the bike in the driveway in front of my parents’ house
and went after a camera to photograph the bike
snatched just a quick cup of coffee when I was indoors

Some readers would probably ask, where is the photo of the result

The answer is – that photo was never shot.

When I came out not more than 5 minutes later.

The bike was stolen, and never found.later on.

That was my “diy” storie.  


23 tanker om “Do it yourself – in worse case

  1. I’m a little behind on catching up on your posts Drake. What an amazing story ! The bike you discovered was truly special, and perhaps it had another destiny then to remain with you. You lovingly restored the bike so someone else could enjoy. I’m sure it was beautiful when you were done with it, but what a tragedy it ran off as soon as it was done.

  2. I would have been very peeved… they didn’t even allow you to take a pic of your hard work. That sucks man!!! I get very angry when people steel from me 😀

    • #.paula – 30062012.0929
      Yes they or the one who stole the bike could have waited until I had taken a photo of it – of course i was very angry standing there with a camara and no bike – I am so pragmatic that I hide the anger “on the bike”, and it’s gone – so my anger won’t show up only if I meet the thief – else anger is waste of time… ‘hahaha’

      But I angee with you, indeed… ‘smile’

      Have a nice weekend… 😉

  3. Ahhh…finally figured out how to link to your site!! YAY. …wow! What a shame this bike was stolen after all your hard work…. 😦 Always wonder what it means when stuff like this occurs ~ Great DIY story though !!! 🙂 Warm Wishes ~RL

    • #.robyn lee – 30062012.1437
      Welcome at my place… 😉
      At first I thought that there were some who teased me
      – someone really did, but in a different way than I thought… 😉

      But it was almost funnier that it went as it did
      than just owning a free bike with a little elbow grease… 😉

    • #.madhu – 02072012.1309
      It’s make me remember the old theory “what comes easy, go away easy” – even it cost a couple of hours work, but later on it became quite a silly story that only could make me laugh – life is too short to spend it on to fret over things, that you can’t do anything about… 😉

  4. Yikes! At the very least, you got a fantastic story out of it (bet you didn’t feel that way at the time!) Did you ever see the amazing Italian film by Vittorio De Sica ‘Ladri di biciclette’? If you haven’t yet, you may appreciate it even more now. : )

    • #.kimberly sullivan – 05072012.0816
      I won’t bet, because you’re right… ‘hahaha’

      And you right too, that the story, later on better story than be the lucky owner of a black bike – one of my favorites are Monty Phyton and their “Always looks on the bright side of life”… ‘smile’

      I didn’t knew this italian film – appreciate that you mentioning it
      Thanks, I’ll look for it… 😉

  5. 😀 I can relate so much! In the last 4 years, I have 4 bicycles stolen! (2 in the train station, 2 within the vicinity of my flat – and they’re all padlocked!) all in all, its 4.5 bicycles because the recent one I think the thief could not cut the lock, so it was only my bicycle seat and the metal holding the seat that was stolen!! 😀 That’s why in my recent post, I’ve got a new silver color, I couldn’t use my blue bike because it has no seat 😀

    • #.maftravelgraphy – 10072012.0312
      Thanks for your comment – bike theft may be an entire industry – it’s really a big numbers of bikes which are stolen and you have really missed your part – steal they spare parts for bikes too, I thought they just take complete bike…

      Have a nice day, with or without bike… 😉

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