Weekly Photo Challenge (create)

What’s hidden behind the word “create”, we can hide much behind the word
perhaps a bit like Lego bricks to build on the bricks you have already (it’s always good to have bricks that can be moved with) or you can shape a whole new set bricks
sometimes the word, it is used negatively – to be too much creative.

Such bricks as the creative one will / may move around or make some brand new
they can be both imaginary and / or palpable.

The greatest threat to creativity, it’s probably traditions.

This was in part of the 1960s and 1970s, my childhood home
then our family moved north.

That’s the way, it looks like to day in 2012
some think it’s a shame, others don’t
tradition can be pure poison for creativity.

but I think it’s a shame
that the giant copper beech has been felled.