Weekly Photo Challenge (purple)

How deep can purple be, it’s easy to tell, it can be Deep Purple
even if you “smoke on the water
(photo of my ticket from Wembley London 2007)


The color purple is a little strange in the more funny way, because many people (including “Le Drake Noir”) don’t always know excactly what purple is – okay we know a lot of colors, which isn’t purple – but many of the colors we calls purple isn’t purple, but are violet in a lighter or darker tone and some call violet a light purple – and we aren’t right about this  the 2 colors violet and purple have nothing to do with each other.      

The color green is the color of hope and optimism
contrasting color to green is purple
so one could think that purple was the color of resignation and pessimism.

(the violet scale, the purple scale and the contra (green) scale)

No this isn’t that way – the color purple was in “the good old days” the rich folks color.

The color meant power and significance in many contexts
politically, economically, academic and religiously
there was progress in wearing purple colored clothes
some call purple, the hottest of the so-called cold colors.

“Born in the purple”
at the start it means born into royal family
later on the meaning was born into higher raking or prominent high society.

Believe it or not
(maybe) wise guys or smart guys
depending on the reader’s temperament
attaches to each individual color values
the color purple’s values ​​should be

“Purple combining the stability of the blue color and energy of the red – through the ages, have purple always been associated with royalitet, nobility and prestige – the color purple can symbolize mystery, magic, power and luxury – the purple color is often used to portray the rich , powerful kings, leaders, magicians and even goblin men – the color purple, combined with gold, may be flashy and portray wealth and extravagance – bright purple and pink is good for feminine designs and is a popular color among teenage girls. – Bright purple with yellow, is commonly used in advertisements for products for children – it gives the impression of something that is fun and easy to deal with”



“D” for digging graves

Letter “D” story challenge (idea from “frizztext“)

 Vester Sottrup Church in southern Jutland (a part of Denmark),
not far from the border to Germany.
was german territory in the period 1864-1920
most people there are / were 2 languages speakers
a major part of the childhood was spent there
and I passed the church, both on way to school, to soccer or to shop.

to dig graves have nothing to do with churches or death in this context

but a version of the saying: “If you dig a grave for others, you may fall into it yourself” 

To had the right and getting the right
it may be two different things
some are more interested in getting the right than to have it
maybe a matter of honor.

It is also often easier to get things go your way, if you let others get the glory
because many cares more about that, than thing goes as they wish.

So if you have a plan or idea burning inside you
then find someone who are burning inside for getting the glory
then you will succeed in it

otherwise you may dig your own grave.

Weekly Photo Challenge (inside)

Inside my “world” there’s space enough for the “outside” world too.

The challenge this week is the word “inside” – a very important word that it is important to be deeply serious about, but not take so important that it’s turn into being unserious.

The “inside” like a gear box full of gear wheels, which must turn around to have any effect.

In the “inside” there’s 2 or more keys, one key to lock up the “inside” to be able to transform the “inside knowledge” into some useful tools for use both “inside” and “outside” – so there’s space for the “outside” in the “inside”.

The other key is for use to lock up the “outside”, or more clearly said, to lock up to read the maps of the “outside” world, which makes it possible to manage through it – in ones own way – maybe using the guidelines or lighthouses outthere 

it’s possible to use them if one wish to use them and is able to ‘read’ them after locked them up with the key from “inside”.

Lighthouses are just guidelines and probably not the whole truth
so it is important to keep eyes and ears open
also to enjoy the journey.

Imagine outside there – are perhaps someone looking at you and thinking inside
“outside there – I can see someone looking at me”

(the photos shot today)

‘C’ for control

Letter “C” story challenge (idea from “frizztext“)

Control is power, influence, and not at least management.

It takes place at many different levels and in many different ways of expression – it’s also different from country to country – some countries declares themselves as frontrunners compared to others, not to be it – not unusual on an exultant and “we know better” way.

We humans are probably created so we can’t entirely avoid rules
but in many ways deprives the rules and circulars
perhaps people the ability and the desire to think for themselves …?

So in many countries (including Denmark) there are rules for almost everything and checking on rules, orders and ordinances are complied with.

Many things that were previously allowed are now forbidden – not everything is logical – it would be too cumbersome to get into everything, also would guarantee something will be forgotten in light of the volume of the rules – so here just something to do with food.

With all the rules that are in the food sector
(in Denmark very large numbers)
so it might surprise that most fruit ain’t forbidden.

Fruit is mostly produced by insects and not only bees – the bees can’t reach all the fruit “production” – so lots of other insects have a role in the game

 the fruit isn’t hand made by insects, but close 

they either lick or rub wings / feet on the flowers of the fruit trees so they are pollinated.

I am not angry at insects
but crazy about almost everything fruit

and can only hardly wait for the blackberries are completely black and ready for eat.

Age scared

 A letter “A” story challenge – idea by “frizztext

Age frightened

A lot of – yeah really a great number – people are frightend of age.
both to much age and not enough age
for many people have to many or to few birthdays brought in more nightmares
than Alfred Hitchcock and Steven King and all their stories.

Roughly speaking there are 3 groups
the youth, the old and us in the middle, who is neither the first nor the last.
all 3 groups often see the 2 other groups as an enemy.

You ain’t old enough” or “You’re too old

This photo from the early 1950s, pretending my mothers fathers father running
perhaps hunting for youth or fleeing from old age


Some do not feel comfortable in their own age
but finds other ages more attractive
they may even be jealous of people in this age
or consider them to be a threat

Weekly Photo Challenge (dreaming)

The difference between dream and fantasy
it’s probably that the dream is connected to the ground
like a roof wouldn’t be usable without foundation
then a dream can’t hang in nothing – but a fantasy can.

Fantasies disappoints often dreadful
while dreams often motivates.

(screenshot  friday night) 

A buy of various lottery games, such as Euro Jackpot
is a typical fantasy, which is been taken as a dream
many people knows exactly what they will do with the money
if they won the pot of 132 million danish kroner

but have not figured the chances of winning the pot.


“Le Drake Noir” isn’t a moralist at all, but doesn’t dream about the big lotto win for the simple reason that I never buys lottery – but I have always dreams and have always had dreams, but they are changed regularly 

some are dropped, others are satisfied – those missing is just as much dreams waiting that “Le Drake Noir” push himself to get start trying.

Obviously new dreams will appears too, but 3 old old old dreams I haven’t finished yet.

  • learning play the saxophone
  • learn speaking italian or spanish
  • make love with a beautiful woman on the engine bonnet of my Jaguar E

We are talking about dreams that are over 30 years old
  embarrassing, very embarrassing
have previously written about it in danish, “let it be there“… ‘smile’

Black sheep of the family

Worse case is to be the black sheep of the family..?

It’s always the same old song or almost
some claims proud to be the black sheep of the family
or some claims that somebody other is it
but is it that bad to be..?

Knowing a real black sheep of a family, it seems not that bad to be at all.

As the familar black sheep at the home of a retired farmer and officer, so it seems to be   real very comfortable way of life – a life as the yolk of an egg – quiet surroundings, with a house to be in – if the weather is too bad (to chase a dog out) – and speaking of dogs, then the ‘position’ as the black sheep of the family – it may be better than being the family dog.

The sheep is now 13-14 years old and not that black anymore not as in the younger days.

From it own domain up behind, there’s a perfect view of everything that happens on the property – and it’s meant everything – no people or animals, whether wild or not wild – avoid the “guard dog” attention – everything from the postman to the neighbor’s cat and the wild pheasants – yes they get a greeting with – so no one in the house may fail to notice that there are guests in sight – it’s not the dog who barks, but the sheep who bleat – okay so the dogs also bark, but it’s the sheep that starts the show.

The black sheep has its very own giant kitchen garden with lots of grass and many interesting plants – mostly wild plants that have come of itself. 

But it isn’t possible to reach to eat it all – not at all – the kindly people come daily with delights – it can be discarded vegetables from their kitchen garden, it may be wheat, it can be discarded strawberries, it can be anything possible delicious – so the old black sheep’s own kitchen garden have to wait.


Maybe it’s hard work being the black sheep of the family, but it’s worth it..



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