Weekly Photo Challenge (purple)

How deep can purple be, it’s easy to tell, it can be Deep Purple
even if you “smoke on the water
(photo of my ticket from Wembley London 2007)


The color purple is a little strange in the more funny way, because many people (including “Le Drake Noir”) don’t always know excactly what purple is – okay we know a lot of colors, which isn’t purple – but many of the colors we calls purple isn’t purple, but are violet in a lighter or darker tone and some call violet a light purple – and we aren’t right about this  the 2 colors violet and purple have nothing to do with each other.      

The color green is the color of hope and optimism
contrasting color to green is purple
so one could think that purple was the color of resignation and pessimism.

(the violet scale, the purple scale and the contra (green) scale)

No this isn’t that way – the color purple was in “the good old days” the rich folks color.

The color meant power and significance in many contexts
politically, economically, academic and religiously
there was progress in wearing purple colored clothes
some call purple, the hottest of the so-called cold colors.

“Born in the purple”
at the start it means born into royal family
later on the meaning was born into higher raking or prominent high society.

Believe it or not
(maybe) wise guys or smart guys
depending on the reader’s temperament
attaches to each individual color values
the color purple’s values ​​should be

“Purple combining the stability of the blue color and energy of the red – through the ages, have purple always been associated with royalitet, nobility and prestige – the color purple can symbolize mystery, magic, power and luxury – the purple color is often used to portray the rich , powerful kings, leaders, magicians and even goblin men – the color purple, combined with gold, may be flashy and portray wealth and extravagance – bright purple and pink is good for feminine designs and is a popular color among teenage girls. – Bright purple with yellow, is commonly used in advertisements for products for children – it gives the impression of something that is fun and easy to deal with”