Black sheep of the family

Worse case is to be the black sheep of the family..?

It’s always the same old song or almost
some claims proud to be the black sheep of the family
or some claims that somebody other is it
but is it that bad to be..?

Knowing a real black sheep of a family, it seems not that bad to be at all.

As the familar black sheep at the home of a retired farmer and officer, so it seems to be   real very comfortable way of life – a life as the yolk of an egg – quiet surroundings, with a house to be in – if the weather is too bad (to chase a dog out) – and speaking of dogs, then the ‘position’ as the black sheep of the family – it may be better than being the family dog.

The sheep is now 13-14 years old and not that black anymore not as in the younger days.

From it own domain up behind, there’s a perfect view of everything that happens on the property – and it’s meant everything – no people or animals, whether wild or not wild – avoid the “guard dog” attention – everything from the postman to the neighbor’s cat and the wild pheasants – yes they get a greeting with – so no one in the house may fail to notice that there are guests in sight – it’s not the dog who barks, but the sheep who bleat – okay so the dogs also bark, but it’s the sheep that starts the show.

The black sheep has its very own giant kitchen garden with lots of grass and many interesting plants – mostly wild plants that have come of itself. 

But it isn’t possible to reach to eat it all – not at all – the kindly people come daily with delights – it can be discarded vegetables from their kitchen garden, it may be wheat, it can be discarded strawberries, it can be anything possible delicious – so the old black sheep’s own kitchen garden have to wait.


Maybe it’s hard work being the black sheep of the family, but it’s worth it..



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25 tanker om “Black sheep of the family

  1. I must tell you here that i am a black sheep of my family…i am the only one who has never followed any one the family traditions,i don’t believe in organised religions, I don’t idol worship,i am quite an eccentric charachter….good or bad ..this is me but i am a black sheep 🙂
    Thank you for writing this post Ledrake ,..loved it when you wrote ..”but is it that bad to be”

    • #.soma mukherjee – 12072012.0703
      You are (in my eyes) a girl who bring your heart into the things you do and that’s really so great – to called someone being the black sheep of the family or others groups, it’s a weapon used by people intending keeping people in groups they can control or manipulate – it’s not you being a black sheep, but them… ‘smile’

  2. Depends on what kind of black sheep I guess. Have seen some bad ones…really bad ones that have only meant trouble. But yes, being different isn’t always bad. Like Soma I refuse to conform too. Hard sometimes in a country like ours, but worth it being us 🙂

    • #.madhu – 12072012.0717
      Agree, there’re 2 (or more) types of black sheeps – the ones who being called it by others – to those others can control both the so-called black sheep and those who may fear being called the black sheep – and therefore subordinated to the group not to be left outside the groups…

      I can easily imagine all the hassles there are, for example in your country – but please don’t believe that it’s rosy “fell good” atmosphere in example my country – in which there’s much more hypocritical and secretly – do not know which one best – or rather bad, I do not like any of the ways… 😉

      Just love people, who refuse to conform… 😉

  3. You are hereby declared spokesman for all the black sheeps of the world!
    They need one, for sure! 😀

    You are always good for a story with a twist!
    I love that!
    And I have told you so many times, but don’t mind doing it once again.
    Keep up the good work! 😀

    • #.erasmine – 12072012.1212
      Thanks, appreciate really your words… 😉

      Think that “black male ducks” have big trouble keeping their big beak shut – not only generel but also when they see some turned someone into black sheep for manipulating reasons – and bring into silence or ridicule those who think differently … 😉

  4. What a fabulous thought on being the Black Sheep. I believe that I had been born to be BAAAADD. Truly, being a black sheep means that you’re willing to press the envelope, go out of the box and one’s comfort zone with a devil may care attitude.

    • #.bella remy – 12072012.2049
      Thanks, appreciate… 😉

      Some place, we all need to be a bit of the black sheep when we are younger – if not we be a bit ‘wild’ – then we gone to miss it later on in our life – and if we can’t set free as younger but have to wait when we getting older – then we sure get more problems about it… 😉

      “The young ones think the old ones are fools,
      the old one know that the young ones is it” (unknown)

      In my eyes funny words, maybe not that wrong… ‘hahaha’

    • #,bente haarstad – 13072012.0133
      I likes black sheeps too. both them the 2’leg and 4’leg ones – mostly… ‘hahaha’

      Likes the white ones too – but fell sorry for the 2’leg ones, who’re held in big groups surrouned by 2’leg guard dogs pretenting to do the best for the sheeps… ‘hahaha’

  5. Pues yo siempre he sido la oveja más blanca que pudieras imaginar y ahora creo que debería haber sido un poquito oveja negra, solo un poquito. Como siempre tus palabras buenísimas y tus imágenes también, besos

    • #.resa mcconaghy – 26072012.2304
      Thanks, appreciate your words… 😉

      Being “the black sheep of the family” in many ways, isn’t that bad at all I think… 😉

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