Age scared

 A letter “A” story challenge – idea by “frizztext

Age frightened

A lot of – yeah really a great number – people are frightend of age.
both to much age and not enough age
for many people have to many or to few birthdays brought in more nightmares
than Alfred Hitchcock and Steven King and all their stories.

Roughly speaking there are 3 groups
the youth, the old and us in the middle, who is neither the first nor the last.
all 3 groups often see the 2 other groups as an enemy.

You ain’t old enough” or “You’re too old

This photo from the early 1950s, pretending my mothers fathers father running
perhaps hunting for youth or fleeing from old age


Some do not feel comfortable in their own age
but finds other ages more attractive
they may even be jealous of people in this age
or consider them to be a threat

24 tanker om “Age scared

    • #.madhu – 17072012.1326
      I only fell my own age attractive, I think – in that way that I’m change a bit while I get older – but not everything change, not at all – but many impressions I take with me and implement new impressions without sacrificing other things – there are just many more things in my backpack and it’s positive because it makes me who I am whatever my age… 😉

      Old age not always that good it could be, even not in Denmark – I’m not sure that is the right place for me in my old age… 😉

    • #.frizztext – 17072012.1644
      Yeah, I remembering my old family photo while my thoughts on and around the letter “A” – in my mind it couldn’t be anything else than “age”… 😉

    • #.bella remy – 18072012.0314
      Yeah, age just statistics about how many years one have lived until now – not what one have done or who one are – automatically placed one for each year… 😉

      Only some women stop counting at 29… ‘hahaha’

      Thanks, really appreciate your last comment… 😉

    • #.cardinal guzman – 18072012.1043
      Yes the age is just a figure which changes year after year – the most important may be what each putting in his / her life, and enjoy it – the easy way is enjoying been 17 or 27 or 37 or 47 or 57 or 67 at one’s own way while being it… 😉

      Some way I’m just as my “age norm” tell me to be, and in other ways I’m younger and older at same time… ‘;-)

      ‘hahaha’ – womens are always a great theme, I think there’s no age on beautiful eyes and a good ass… ‘hahaha’

    • #.maftravelgraphy – 19072012.0417
      Thanks, really appreciate your words… 😉

      I’m writing from my point of view, and really enjoy when other reads it from their point of view – and enjoy it… ‘smile’

  1. Is age a physical state of beings, or a mental state? If we talk about physical state, nearing expiration date, as a living, breathing creature I can’t see any attraction to it, meaning that less and less things will be available to me, and honestly I don’t like thinking about it. As a mental state … aging can and does give you different perspectives, and not necessarily bad ones, however the point is to have lived a life without regrets and who among us can say they have lived that way…. other than Tibetan monks I presume?

    • #.paula – 19072012.0934
      A good point, both I think – both mental and physical, and best is when these 2 work together and supplies each other and helps each other – I played handball on a higher level – when I was younger from 16 to 30, my physial level was the my force – the last 5 years from 30-35 my mental level took more and more over. so the bottom line was at the same level… 😉

      I agree your point about itsn’t great to be old,
      but to be elder isn’t that bad at all… 😉

      About regrets, it’s not necessarly so good – If we learned from our mistakes and remembered our successes – we would get far – I have made many mistakes in my time, but never the same 2 times – In a way I don’t regret my fault, but I could never dream of making them again and of course there is stuff I would have done differently if I had known what I know today – that would have been wiser… ‘hahaha’

      Being “old” mental not always anything to do with age – I have met people over 90 who were more “ready” than other people I have met who only was in the 30s… 😉

  2. That is so true: we shouldn’t really bother about age. It’s all in the mind. We can be young but know much for example. In this modern society nothing surprises me anymore.

    • #.evilnymphstuff – 19072012.1626
      Agree – age (enough) isn’t synonymous with knowledge – the greater challenges the faster experience usually – it’s logical that experience takes time, but isn’t a question of age… 😉

  3. Great post your write ups and the way you present them .that pic of your great grand father running from age ( pretend) is funny..
    well it is true what they say you are as old as you think you are…

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