‘C’ for control

Letter “C” story challenge (idea from “frizztext“)

Control is power, influence, and not at least management.

It takes place at many different levels and in many different ways of expression – it’s also different from country to country – some countries declares themselves as frontrunners compared to others, not to be it – not unusual on an exultant and “we know better” way.

We humans are probably created so we can’t entirely avoid rules
but in many ways deprives the rules and circulars
perhaps people the ability and the desire to think for themselves …?

So in many countries (including Denmark) there are rules for almost everything and checking on rules, orders and ordinances are complied with.

Many things that were previously allowed are now forbidden – not everything is logical – it would be too cumbersome to get into everything, also would guarantee something will be forgotten in light of the volume of the rules – so here just something to do with food.

With all the rules that are in the food sector
(in Denmark very large numbers)
so it might surprise that most fruit ain’t forbidden.

Fruit is mostly produced by insects and not only bees – the bees can’t reach all the fruit “production” – so lots of other insects have a role in the game

 the fruit isn’t hand made by insects, but close 

they either lick or rub wings / feet on the flowers of the fruit trees so they are pollinated.

I am not angry at insects
but crazy about almost everything fruit

and can only hardly wait for the blackberries are completely black and ready for eat.