Weekly Photo Challenge (inside)

Inside my “world” there’s space enough for the “outside” world too.

The challenge this week is the word “inside” – a very important word that it is important to be deeply serious about, but not take so important that it’s turn into being unserious.

The “inside” like a gear box full of gear wheels, which must turn around to have any effect.

In the “inside” there’s 2 or more keys, one key to lock up the “inside” to be able to transform the “inside knowledge” into some useful tools for use both “inside” and “outside” – so there’s space for the “outside” in the “inside”.

The other key is for use to lock up the “outside”, or more clearly said, to lock up to read the maps of the “outside” world, which makes it possible to manage through it – in ones own way – maybe using the guidelines or lighthouses outthere 

it’s possible to use them if one wish to use them and is able to ‘read’ them after locked them up with the key from “inside”.

Lighthouses are just guidelines and probably not the whole truth
so it is important to keep eyes and ears open
also to enjoy the journey.

Imagine outside there – are perhaps someone looking at you and thinking inside
“outside there – I can see someone looking at me”

(the photos shot today)