Weekly Photo Challenge (purple)

How deep can purple be, it’s easy to tell, it can be Deep Purple
even if you “smoke on the water
(photo of my ticket from Wembley London 2007)


The color purple is a little strange in the more funny way, because many people (including “Le Drake Noir”) don’t always know excactly what purple is – okay we know a lot of colors, which isn’t purple – but many of the colors we calls purple isn’t purple, but are violet in a lighter or darker tone and some call violet a light purple – and we aren’t right about this  the 2 colors violet and purple have nothing to do with each other.      

The color green is the color of hope and optimism
contrasting color to green is purple
so one could think that purple was the color of resignation and pessimism.

(the violet scale, the purple scale and the contra (green) scale)

No this isn’t that way – the color purple was in “the good old days” the rich folks color.

The color meant power and significance in many contexts
politically, economically, academic and religiously
there was progress in wearing purple colored clothes
some call purple, the hottest of the so-called cold colors.

“Born in the purple”
at the start it means born into royal family
later on the meaning was born into higher raking or prominent high society.

Believe it or not
(maybe) wise guys or smart guys
depending on the reader’s temperament
attaches to each individual color values
the color purple’s values ​​should be

“Purple combining the stability of the blue color and energy of the red – through the ages, have purple always been associated with royalitet, nobility and prestige – the color purple can symbolize mystery, magic, power and luxury – the purple color is often used to portray the rich , powerful kings, leaders, magicians and even goblin men – the color purple, combined with gold, may be flashy and portray wealth and extravagance – bright purple and pink is good for feminine designs and is a popular color among teenage girls. – Bright purple with yellow, is commonly used in advertisements for products for children – it gives the impression of something that is fun and easy to deal with”



41 tanker om “Weekly Photo Challenge (purple)

  1. No sabía esto del color pùrpura o morado, a mí es un color que me gusta, incluso tengo algo de ropa en ese color, ¿seré de la nobleza y yo sin saberlo? jajajaja, gracias por compartir esta información, besos

    • #.manoli rizo – 30072012.0923
      Many colors have a story hidden – I think the color purple’s history is one of the more interesting – a color with large signal value among people in the past… 😉

      Sure you look like a real queen in your purple dress, I have a purple tie myself… ‘big hugs’

    • #.cardinal guzman – 30072012.1103
      You’ve probably quite right,
      it sounds much like a good explanation… 😉

      The signal value would indeed fall
      – if it was easy and cheap to get hold of… 😉

  2. The color purple? Don’t get me started! 🙂

    Anyways, here goes:

    Purple music:
    Talking about the color purple brings me far back in a blink to the year, where my eldest, a daughter, chose to celebrate the beginning of her life as a teen, her 13th birthday, with dinner and a video night for her ten best friends.
    The friends arrived at 6 p.m. and very reluctantly left the next day at 2 p.m.
    We, the parents, had to ask the youngsters, very kindly, to end the party. Or else we would have gone mad. Because, all through the night, we had to listen to the soundtrack of “Purple Rain” set to repeat.

    The night became a succes, the friends still talk about, when they meet for an occasional reunion, one of which was the latest(?) concert with Prince at The Roskilde Festival in 2010.

    Purple politics:
    Being a graduate of the year of 1968, the color purple was very important to me and my generation in the 1970s.
    Purple dyed diapers (Dylon cold dye was very big in those years) used as headscarfs made a political statement for ‘The Read Stocking Movement’ (The Feminists) in Denmark.
    The diapers also were a hit, if you had a bad hair day! 😀
    I have to admit, that I did prefere the traditional headscarfes from Fanø (A small island at the west coast of Jylland, Denmark). I have always liked to be different. Tø-Hø! 😀

    Well, NK, you did get me started!
    Sorry! 😀

    • #.erasmine – 30072012.1713
      On this platform there’s enough space for everyone to start telling a good story and to take the space to finish it too… 😉

      – and it was great to hear that the night became a succes… 😉

      Yeah I had totally forget that purple headscarfs were the feminists secret weapon for some years ago – they didn’t care about that the color always been associated with royalitet, nobility and prestige… ‘hahaha’

      • “the feminists secret weapon for some years ago”
        SOME years ago? – You ARE too kind! 🙂

        “they don’t care about that the color always been associated with royalitet, nobility and prestige”
        Actually, maybe they/we/I DID care about being associated with the three possibilities mentioned. Top of the Pop.
        Who can tell? (Roar of laughter!)

        • #.erasmine – 30072012.2133
          I’m definitely always a kind and honest one,
          as far as I remember…. ‘hahaha’

          Top of the pop – yeah – some were top of the pop and sing great – Trille and Maria Stenz – but others – have I ever mention that I never read anything of Suzanne Brøgger to the very end, tried 2-3 times – page 2 “kill” me every time, all 3 times even it wasn’t the same book.. ‘hahaha’

  3. Happy to see that I’m not the only one that keeps the ticket stubs from rock concerts attended. This is a wonderful post, and I can imagine that since you seem to be of such noble spirit, surely your home is covered in purple.

    • #.richard vilela – 01082012.1815
      Congratulations on your nomination, fully deserved – it’s really some interesting posts you make – which me too enjoy reading – I really haven’t the great sense on the subject, only an amateur amateur photographer but like reading post made by some, knowing something about it – and offers much to see the results of the subject – namely photos, especially also others’ photos… 😉

      Thank you for mentioning my blog post, that I appreciate very much… 😉

    • #.madhu – 05082012.0612
      Agree it’s a beautiful color in many contexts – as teenager I had a purple racing bike which my friends called “The Purple Thunder”… ‘hahaha’

      Thanks appreciate your comment… 😉

  4. #.paula – 05082012.1127
    It’s not vulgar to have right, never – I’s sometimes the way to tackle having right which can makes problems – bad winners beats bad losers in being bad… ‘hahaha’

    I myself have no problems to say “sorry” or “I’m not right” – but I always fight for my right to make mistakes… ‘hahaha’

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