Stay home or catch the bus

Some enjoy taking the bus, others enjoy watching it pass.
fortunately, we are all different

A member of the family who lived on a tiny danish island (called Samso), which managed to be 81 years old, was away from the island 3 times throughout his life – for 18 months as a soldier at Kronborg Castle (an old danish castle) just after the World War I – the opening of the first Little Belt Bridge in 1935 between Jutland and Funen – in the mid-1960s, when his second daughter of 4 moved to Odense (the 4 largest danish city) on Funen
– he was happy and let the world come to him.

An other member of the family which managed to be 81 years old, lived 4 month from may to august in Denmark – from november to february she lived 4 month in the southern Italy
and in the 4 month september / october and march / april
then she travelled worldwide
that was the way during more than 40 år
she sought out the world and was happy.

As long as one “hviler i sig selv” (rest in oneself)
a difficult expression to translate from danish into english
the meaning is that one is mind settled, pleased, and without panic.

Then there’s no right and wrong..?



“I” as independent

The most independent pets maybe ever seen – my mom’s old cat (just dead 22 years old) a glorious pride and arrogance – the best friend and perhaps the only friend was my now 15 years old dog – a Yorkshire terrier who is almost as autonomous and independent as the cat was – when the dog came to visit, they enjoyed each other’s company and they could eat and sleep together and enjoyed it – no one else dared.

The cat was 3 times bigger than the dog, the dog didn’t care about that.


A letter “I” story challenge after the idea of “frizztext“. 

You are most autonomous and most independent, when you recognize
that there still is something you haven’t control over and something you are dependent on.

If the feeling of freedom and independence, based solely on the things to go your way
without fighting for it – then it is not freedom and not independence
but only a prison with armor transparent glass.

In our part of the world where we see us self as role models
it’s sad to see young people brought up to be
without resistance to opponent and defeat problems ‘at all’
“curling children” they are called with irony
parents sweep everything aside for them
so that they almost living in a bell jar.

In the name of independence we makes dependence.

Freedom and independence associated with responsibility
all for one and one for all
none of them are anyhing without the others.

If we didn’t take care this saying would be right:

“Freedom is just another word of nothing to loose”




Travel Theme Silhouette

Excellent inspiration from Ailsa’s blog “Where’s my backpack” and her travel theme Silhouette

A silly photo ‘shot’ not in fog, but in almost darkness
not enough light to show as planned
so “only” silhouettes are shown
a mix of not good enough camera
and to much amateur amateur-photographer.

Silhouettes opposite the shadows with content
not always recognizable
often fantasy inspiring.

As incarnated Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King reader
so one wouldn’t be surprised if they stepped forward
from the shadows and became a sihouette

where the shadow is just a space possible with something inside
then silhouettes are that which are in the shades

just wonderful inspirring and so lovely scary too, isn’t it..?


The man on the moon

The last step for the man on the moon

(photo: NASA)

 With all respect to Michael Jackson,
there’ll never be more than one real moonwalker.

RIP Neil Armstrong, the real moonwalker

 Neil Armstrong was one of my few heroes – although he had been a Navy fighter pilot, a test pilot for NASA’s forerunner and an astronaut, then Neil Armstrong never allowed himself to be caught up in the celebrity and glamour of the space program – he never be someone else than Neil Armstrong – “I am, and ever will be, a white socks, pocket protector, nerdy engineer,” Neil Armstrong said as late as in february 2000 in one of his rare public appearance. “And I take a substantial amount of pride in the accomplishments of my profession.” – every single one who lived that summer day in 1969, will never forget him and I think mostly every one remembering it as was it last sunday it happens.

“It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth – I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth – I didn’t feel like a giant – I felt very, very small” (Neil Armstrong
“I think we’re going to the moon because it’s in the nature of the human being to face challenges – it’s by the nature of his deep inner soul… we’re required to do these things just as salmon swim upstream” (Neil Armstrong)
“It’s a brilliant surface in that sunlight – the horizon seems quite close to you because the curvature is so much more pronounced than here on earth – it’s an interesting place to be,  I recommend it” (Neil Armstrong)
In the summer of 1969 – “Le Drake Noir” was 9½, only a duckling, and my little brother only 2 years old at that time – a large number of hours was used that summer between the 2 brother talking about what was going on soon on the moon.
We were very committed and all opportunities for information was vacuumed into the head of the 2 boys – danish and german newspapers were read so the ink faded – the bigger boy read aloud to the little boy – TV with one danish channel (there were not more) and 3 german was monitored together, where the bigger boy translated for the smaller boy. 
 It was so exciting.
By the way, I forgot to mention – so we besides got a little sister the day before Armstrong had to land on the moon – our mother was in the hospital and our father was a happy man and asked if we wanted to go in to see our newborn sister – a totally silly question
 of course we had no time to spend on that kind of things – we should see Neil Armstrong  then our father must drive alone to see our newborn little sister – besides so children at that time wasn’t allow visiting hospitals except when they were sick 
so we had nevertheless to stand outside and looked through the window,
looking for mum and the newborn sister inside.

Weekly Photo Challenge (urban)

 Time heals all wounds.

Earlier this year, in the early may, a larger town tree was cropped very strongly – it looked at first sight so violently out there in the little main town and one might think that it would influence sphere in town long after – now it’s late august and as it’s said then all wounds healed by time – the tree shape the town sphere but in a different manner than expected.

Nature is, even into urban sphere, strong and full of life. 


The first picture taken today and the second took almost 4 months ago
the large tree has taken up the fight
the little tree has seen his gigant role model struggle
and very interesting – the house behind the tree
is not progressed further in the craftsman project. 

All the wounds cityscapes over time will get
will be blurring of “the future cobweb”
whether they are good or bad “wounds”

But wounds are wounds even if they are healed
they will always be there – underneath the enamel.

With people, it’s working the same way
their wounds are often hidden by the veil of the future
you can’t always guess their behavior
it need not be a threat
but can be a challenge too
reading others attitude and behavior
and by interest in others
so one do many things easier for oneself.

“E” like equal

A number of years ago to a larger family celebration – then appeared suddenly a crazy hat up – it was part of a song hide which were brought in as one of the many entertaining parts of the evening – the hat stayed when the song had been sung and 4 of the evening’s festive and fun guys tried this hat – much to the amusement of all the other party crowd

 the same hat must provide equal men..?

A letter “E” story challenge after the idea of “frizztext“. 

The word equal can easily be a cliché sometimes – those in power believe there is equality, those who don’t have power think there is inequality – if they switch places, then  those in power believe there is equality, those who don’t have power think there is inequality – it suggests the fact that power and equality are not quite coincide.

 Equality is often something on average 
if you have your feet in a hot oven and head in the freezer 
so you have it on average the most equal way..?

Equality, definitely an very important human right
 but isn’t right to be inequality, an important human right too
often does the desire for equality, rather a desire to assimilate people
perhaps it creates more confidence if all are similar
both of them who are alike
and for those who must or want to control them
to be equal, is easier for an awful lot of people
to be unequal (in a good way) creates a damn lot of work
both for those who are unequal
and for those who fear losing power or control
because of some are not equal.


Weekly Photo Challenge (merge)

if no one ever had merged blue and yellow, so we didn’t have known green

just think what about a spring without that color..?

A friend of mine (a very well known gourmet chef) he says that all great inventions
yes, they are discovered by chance or even by mistake – I think that right
it apply an enormous amount of things not just delicious food
just think if oxygen and hydrogen had not merged – no water
how many things are actually free of merger, I don’t know many.

Even something unique is often something merged
so this week’s photo challenge can’t be anything but merged. 

Merger of human beings are important in the least for mankind
marriage should be the catalyst for a merger
but merger without marriage has always be known too.

Gold wedding couple (my fathers mothers parents) 1954

Speaking of marriage, it’s a bit funny – in the past – were wedding pictures often “half boring” and very predictable but marriages were usually lasting much longer than the time it took the wedding pictures to fade – today’s wedding pictures are imaginative, unique and beautiful – but the couple probably already divorced again within the photographers have produced the picture and handed it to the wedding couple.

Maybe not the most harrowing wedding picture
but it lasted about 60 years (1904-63)
with nearly 20 children as a result
and no twins among the siblings.

Money was only used wisely and thoughtfully – therefore never been taken a wedding picture – just a single photo at the children’s confirmation (and there were many almost 20) so there was confirmation each year for 20 years with a few exceptions –  this photo was taken at the silver wedding in 1929 – not all children had arrived home yet.

but the silver groom’s father had reached photography.

That’s another way of merge.