Handmade start with “H”

Handmade still start with the letter “H”

(letter “H” story challenge – idea: “frizztext“)


A long time ago there was a generation
when they called something handmade
it was made ​​by hand, and their own
no project was too fine
and they almost never feel too fine for some projects
no project was too small and almost no one too big
they just go ahead
no matter how old they were
then they were never too old.

29 tanker om “Handmade start with “H”

    • #.soma mukherjee – 03082012.0435
      Thanks really appreciate your commet… 😉

      The ‘old girl’ who looks up is my fathers mother – she was nearby 87 years when I “shot” her in the middle of the 1990s – when she was as ususal buzy doing something… 😉

      I love to find “words” in photos, paintings, sculpturs and so on
      – and love to find “photos” in words I read… 😉

    • #.michelle fitzurka – 05082012.0132
      Yeah agree in your words “created from their hearts, wholeheartedly”
      – so it was, It was not only routinely but with the heart… 😉

    • #.madhu – 05082012.0614
      Thanks – I think that those days or some like them will come back – life is a circle or generational moves in circles – old virtues and vices come back in later versions, it has happened plenty of times historically that things were modern has become fashionable again later after a few generations or more… 😉

    • #.myra – 21082012.1022
      Thanks, really appreciates – besides all that new photos which tells their stories we still have the old photos and their stories – always space enough for both… 😉


    • Thanks for your support at this point, I appreciate it… 😉

      Agree that handmade, individually crafted needs to continue on through the generations – indeed it needed… 😉

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