A story without words

A photo “tell a story without words” challenge called “Tell a story”
heard the idea from -DarkJade-
to let a numbers of ones own photo tell a story – “link
Select theme: “Survival”

The world is(n’t) enough or slipped away.




30 tanker om “A story without words

  1. Hey Le Drake, if you’d like to Enter Your Photos into the Contest, you’ll need between 4 and 8 photos, do you have another one that can go with this group?


  2. Hey Drake… I have a question or two. Yesterday Jade asked me if she could put my photos as a story contest entry, and I was searching for the propositions of the contest. How is the winner elected? Is there a professional jury, or we depend on likes by fellow bloggers (I voted for you by the way), and what does the winner get?

    • #.paula – 05082012.1030
      Try to read ‘DarkJade’s post again, the rules can be change – I like the way here, it’s not the world championship but a great way to get some people showing their photos and a great way to find our own stories in the photos… 😉

            • Yes you may ask… 😉

              I’m a former manager in american worldwide corporations during about 20 years – the last about 7 years I have been consulting self-employed with an emphasis on leadership, strategy and profile – much of my time is spent online because my clients or let’s call them partners are spread all over the world – so my time on WP is breaks from my work… 😉

              About cash – if you have a lot you use a lot – if you have less you use less – if you have a lot and use less you get more rich – if you have less and use a lot then you risk ending in serious problems – i have the cash I need for the moment and my fuel is to see things happens, more than get more cash… 😉

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