“F” for the first time

“No one can possibly know what is about to happen:
it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time.”
(James Arthur Baldwin 1924-87)

Everything has a start – a beginning – a first time
 sometimes randomly. sometimes planned and sometimes  accidentally.

Some first times have age restrictions
is typical of this kind of first times
which are most fun and most attractive.

Mostly people remember their first time in many categories
even though many first times wasn’t the big rush
not all success comes through luck and good faith.

This photo was my first times doing that – make a shot with a camera.

The 11 year old “Le Drake Noir” was with his little 4 year old brother home alone at the big farm where we lived in the house – our father, who was an officer, was on maneuvers with his soldiers and our mom was just out to get some supplies in the local grocery store.

– the workers at the farm was in full swing with their work.

There were several tractors belonging to the farm, among the mega ones – there was this tiny red Massey Ferguson as my little brother was toally crazy about – and considered as his very own – that it wasn’t (we just lived there, but our father made accounting for the owner who had 3 similar farms) – so my little brother climbed up on his dream tractor and the big brother thought it was worth having a photo of – so quickly looked into the parents’ cabinet in the dining room and pick up their camera – it was called “Alpha” – the camera was in a holster or carrying case – it was damn hard for the world’s largest amateur photographer – to get it unpacked – take the photo – pack it in again and return to the cabinet – it was not discovered until the film was produced to images later on.

Funny response pattern,
because photography never been prohibited or allowed
there had never been spoken about it – before that day.

Letter “F” story challenge (idea from “frizztext“)