Weekly Photo Challenge (growth)

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”
(Albert Einstein 1879-1955)

Growth can get so close that it’s look like degeneration
it is not easy to see, but this 30 year old oak has great growth
a lot of oak-trees at the same place
will make them grow faster all together
to capture the sun’s rays for their photosynthesis
faster than an oak tree, that grows alone
not at the expense of one another
but with the help of each other
it’s one of the ways
creating forests. 

Growth is many things and mostly is the growth of an area dependent on growth in one or more other areas – it’s called synergy – many believe that growth should be at the expense of something else – of course there are also costs – but nothing will succeed without the help from someone or something in one or another way 

even selfishness or perhaps precisely egotism is canceled 

and turn down, without some to be selfish to at all.

Let it growth.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (growth)

    • #.madhu – 10082012.1445
      Strength in unity, yes totally agree as long as the goal is a common target in the group and not an individual’s ambition and an individual’s use of others in his or hers own project – that’s why I stay away from such as political parties and other groups where it is precisely some individuals ambition they need a group to realize… 😉

  1. it is true what you said ..one can grow and let others grow and make it a beautiful place to live or be a parasite and just be about them selves..but no one can live alone .so better share and learn to co exist….
    what a wonderful post Ledrake..loved it 🙂

    • #.soma mukherjee – 10082012.1911
      Thanks, really appreciate… 😉
      I think there are many areas of life with too little sportsmanship,.. 😉

      There are many things that are much harder because it overruled that receiving help or assistance can be a strength more than a weakness – instead of oneself every time to start inventing the wheel so you can actually “steal” knowledge from the experience of others – even with their consent… 😉

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