Weekly Photo Challenge (wrong)

Emotions at the quay..?

there’s nothing wrong with that.

Ferry berths can be the place of great feelings
longing for the traveler or longing for traveling.

A great number of people feel urge to traveling
in relation to hear, read or see ports and airports
some people feel it’s wrong and suppresses the feeling
but maybe it’s the suppression – which is wrong (?)



16 tanker om “Weekly Photo Challenge (wrong)

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    • #.madhu – 11082012.2052
      ‘hahaha’ – understand you totally, don’t suppress that urge myself – agree sometimes we have to calm down or put it off for a while – but no suppress… 😉

    • #.paula – 12082012.0912
      Agree how can a feeling be wrong – preconditions for the feeling may be incorrect – all emotions depends on the angle which one perceives a given thing – if you move a little, things may be completely different – so it is perhaps sometimes hard to understand others because we forget that their angle of view might be different… 😉

      The danish philosopher, theologian, poet, social and religious critic author Soren Kierkegaard (1813-55) once said “If you wlll succeed moving people you have to start where they are and not where you wish they were”…

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