Travel Theme (Signs)

 Inspired by the excellent post by Ailsa (link) and Madhu (link) after the great idea of Ailsa  so I came to think that the world is crowded (perhaps overcrowded but it’s a matter of taste) of signs – everyone talks about Kilroy was here first of all – so it must really be Kilroy who make all the signs stuff – it also made me think of a sign on the little tiny island Samsø were I’m born (many years ago) – a sign which has always amused me.

When you drive from the middle of the tiny island to the south-west end. 

When you reach the small village of Kolby Kaas, then there is on the right side a sign indicating what it’s called and that speed doesn’t exceed 50 km/h – in fact, as the name might not appear on the sign, because in Denmark there rules for this – there must live at least 200 people and yhat number of people not live in Kolby Kaas – on the wrong side of ‘oh no’ on the left side of the road is the “funny” sign.

It says in Danish when you drive into the village “Thank you for visiting – see you soon”
 start by saying it to people who perhaps have never been there before
 who stands in the doorway of home and say this ..?
I always wait until they had been visiting
before I say “see you soon” to the guests
  also to see how good their manes are. 

On the other side of the sign, when you drive out of the villige – they wish you “welcome to Samsø” – maybe that little village on the island don’t belonging to the island..? 

Maybe the right place for the sign would be down where the tourists leave det ferry.  

Straight out of Kolby Kaas (after you have been welcomed to the island or before you becomes thanks for the visit)  is the island’s mill, built in 1898, no longer in use – but acts as a sort of mini museum as tourist can visit. 

There are also signs related to a mill the turbine blades must stand as they do – they may not be a cruciform – millers were generally very superstitious and it means bad luck actually would mean that the miller will die soon – if a miller dies, then the family turn the turbine blades so they appear as a cruciform.


23 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Signs)

    • #.bella remy – 14082012.0141
      Thanks you’re sweet – appreciate… 😉

      Yeah you are totally right many are missed – but my son (when he was a kid) never ever missed a single McDonalds sign at all – he could spot that sign everywhere and even if it was hidden behind other signs… ‘hahaha’

    • #.eof – 14082012.0446
      Yeah there’s really many exciting signs out there – funny, informative, beautiful and eye-catching between each other – it’s great… 😉

  1. love reading your beautiful thoughtful write ups..loved the shots..i love reading road signs ..some places you will find some funny quotes along with signs too…loved this post 🙂

    • #.soma mukherjee – 14082012.0548
      Thanks, really appreciate – yeah there’s some real great eye catching signs out there which makes one laugh at the good way too… 😉

    • #.madhu – 14082012.1656
      ‘hahaha’ – I get the idea about these (travel) signs after reading your post… 😉

      My old parents lives close to the mill in fact next door – they told me last year, when there was an open house mill event, that 2 local young men had the responsibility to let the blades run for a while so that visitors could see the mill in action – when they stopped the mill blades so they did not know about this superstition – so the blades were stopped while standing in a cruciform – the old mills widow, a sweet old lady in the late ’80s – she was angry, really very upset – so the old superstitions are still current… 😉

  2. Great post again, LDN. Fascinating stuff about the mills. Used to make fake road signs that slipped over the top of real ones that said things like Self Indulgence, Boredom etc.

    • #.richard guest – 14082012.2114
      Thanks Richard, really appreciate… 😉

      I think it’s interesting how superstition is found in most professions in one or another way – do not think many professions may be declared free… 😉

  3. Hi there ledrake, so happy to see you joined in this week’s travel theme. Isn’t Madhu’s entry about Cusco wonderful? I love your signs, very funny, and that information about the blades of the windmill is fascinating. Really enjoyed your post, and I hope you’ll join in next week’s travel theme too! I post them every Friday. xxx Ailsa

  4. #.ailsa – 16082012.1108
    Thanks, really appreciate your comment and enjoyed visiting your blog… 😉
    Agree, “madhu”s post was great, your too – look forward until friday… 😉

    • #.bente haarstad – 16082012.2222
      The small island is known for its potato breeding and in the very old days then there were sailed many potatoes to Norway from the small harbor in the village Langør – the local history speaking about “Norway skippers” it also happens that those sailers brought sweet norwegian girls home with them – so there is samske inhabitants who far back has Norwegian roots… 😉

    • #.paula – 22082012.1313
      I think the mill is beautiful as it proudly stands in the landscape – a beautiful landmark…

      Agree, sometimes then all the signs more road mislead than road leading… 😉

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