Another letter “G” word

The A-Z letter story challenge an idea announced by “frizztext
an amazing idea, which now have reached the letter “G”
Yeah for sure really men would think g-string at first
maybe at 2nd and at 3th too
but no there’s 3 reasons why Le Drake Noir wouldn’t do that

G-string must be invented by a lazy man with no imagination.
Wouldn’t dare share photos uh means of course haven’t any photos.
Have already written about it previously – well well, I know in danish.
“Le Drake Noir” wrote: “The story about the G-string” (danish)

The A-Z letter “G” story challenge.

Greetings starts with the letter ‘G’.

There’s many kinds of greetings – the real kiss, bowing, cheek kissing, eskimo kissing, fist pound (in which two individuals touch fists), high-five, pressing noses, handshake, hand-kissing, hat raising or tipping, hug, roman salute (which has become associated with fascist and other right-wing), waving (the gesture of moving one’s hand back and forth)

and don’t forget the famours f***finger, which is a kind of greeting too.

Perhaps many of our world’s troubles actully blown up because 
too big numbers of threats and too little numbers of greetings. 


A greeting card anno 1915.

My mother’s mother (13 years old and in dark dress) with her ​​parents, her older brother and younger sister, photographed outside their home with 2 younger summer children from Copenhagen – children who needed to get away from daily life in the big city’s poorest part of the population – not to say the host family were rich, not at all 

but rich in so many other ways.

The summer children at first was dressed up
to be the most well-dressed throughout the village
and there came a photographer to take 3 identical photos
one for the family and one for the summer children each
to bring home to their family in Copenhagen
most often it was the family’s first photo, they got there.

It wasn’t so normal at that time
with that kind of greetings card.