The bright side of life

Ballen Havn a small coastal village on the small danish island called Samsø – in summer it’s a very popular marina with many sailing visitors – earlier in the so-called good old days the harbor was a hub for sea transport to and from the island in terms of both passengers and cargo – with ferry services to Odense and Copenhagen – and shipping of the island’s production of vegetables and products which the island’s craftsmen made ​​for use outside the island – and there were some local fishing boats, in fact 22, today there are 2 back.

for landlubbers look like ‘parking’ and maritime traffic in a marina totally chaos

The village have formerly a shipyard which built many fishing boats, it closed many years ago – a single boat in use yet, it fishing lobsters from another Kattegat island called Læsø (a difficult name for non-Danish pronunciation) – the last new building on shipyard is located as an exhibition ship on land – the second last new building is located today inside the shipyard – where there is a restaurant and nightclub every summer (link).


The marina has of course the opportunity to offer the sale of disel and gasoline to the Sea visitors not using wind power alone as a propellant – apparently unmanned.

How many seagulls does it take to sell fuel
 the answer should be 4
(1) the one doing the work ..?
(2) the one who keeps an eye on the worker ..?
(3) the one who keeps an eye on the shop ..?
(4) the chief sitting over by the fish dealer and begging for food ..?

The A-club

Many places in Denmark it may be a problem that people meet and drink along in the public sphere – it does not always looked good – the management here has handle about it in an unconventional ways – there is made a little “clubhouse” where you can be member for a small amount – no questions on what the locals are doing in there – but no drinking at the rest of the area – of course no one says anything when 2 sailors have a quiet beer on a bench – that’s not the point or the problem.

This bridge a dangerous one – established 2-3 years ago after a longstanding  desire by the locals – an impending royal visit of the danish queen, got it to happen, the bridge came into the world – ready for royal visit – it was planned that the queen had to dedicate the walkway – but in days leading up to the visit, so refused the people from state police security to let the queen go over the approved walkway, so instead of being called “Queen’s Bridge”among the locals – it is today still called “Dangerous Bridge”.


20 tanker om “The bright side of life

  1. Absolutely love this post Drake ! The photos are so nostalgic, past but yet present. Four seagulls to main the fuel dock. Too funny! And the dangerous bridge – did you dare walk across? Just a charming and beautiful sea village. Thanks for sharing!

    • #.bella remy – 18082012.0040
      I have walk across “The Dangerous Bridge” many has
      – all with big laugh on there faces… 😉

      Maybe the seagull’s ‘business’ isn’t a ‘monkey-business’… ‘hahaha’

      I enjoy using some time at the village
      when I visiting my parents on the island… 😉

    • #.cardinal guzman – 18082012.0755
      Thanks, really appreciates… 😉

      ‘hahaha’ – look like a”The Killing Bridge”… ‘hahaha’

      The seagulls really look like owning that business… 😉

    • #.bente haarstad – 19082012.2346
      Thanks Bente, really appreciates… 😉

      Think seagulls always keep in touch about what’s going on – especially if it can be eaten… 😉

  2. The story about the bridge is a really humorous story and a wonderful play with words. The Dangerous Bridge also has similarities with the Queen’s nickname, Daisy.
    Have a nice and cozy Easter, Le Drake Noir.

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