Stay home or catch the bus

Some enjoy taking the bus, others enjoy watching it pass.
fortunately, we are all different

A member of the family who lived on a tiny danish island (called Samso), which managed to be 81 years old, was away from the island 3 times throughout his life – for 18 months as a soldier at Kronborg Castle (an old danish castle) just after the World War I – the opening of the first Little Belt Bridge in 1935 between Jutland and Funen – in the mid-1960s, when his second daughter of 4 moved to Odense (the 4 largest danish city) on Funen
– he was happy and let the world come to him.

An other member of the family which managed to be 81 years old, lived 4 month from may to august in Denmark – from november to february she lived 4 month in the southern Italy
and in the 4 month september / october and march / april
then she travelled worldwide
that was the way during more than 40 år
she sought out the world and was happy.

As long as one “hviler i sig selv” (rest in oneself)
a difficult expression to translate from danish into english
the meaning is that one is mind settled, pleased, and without panic.

Then there’s no right and wrong..?



18 tanker om “Stay home or catch the bus

  1. Our great world famous danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, wrote “At rejse er at leve” – “To travel is to live”.
    Well, I myself don’t travel much anymore, but my son and my daughter in law have just returned from a two weeks vacation to Madeira Island.
    They didn’t travel by bus, no-no!
    They travelled by taxi, by train and by two airplanes to finally end up in a small house in the mountains deep into a forest in order to escape from the absurd heat and humidity in the city, Funchal.
    There was no electricity in the house, which meant: no TV, no computer, no radio, no charging phones or cameras, no fridge, no electric light.

    Back in Denmark they are nicely tanned, very, VERY relaxed and the spitting image of the expression “hvile i sig selv”.

    Enjoy! 🙂

    • #.erasmine – 31082012.0206
      Thank you for the music, this version with NHØP and KD is actually my favorite version of this beautiful song… 😉

      It was just the danish writer Hans Christian Andersen and his famous motto which I was thinking of while writing this post… 😉

      Sounds like a unique way to relax on – a sensible young couple, but how could it be otherwise with that mother / mother in law … 😉

  2. I am like the other member of the family, traveller and exploring other countrys. “Hviler i sig selv“, is indeed not easy to translate but i think i can understand the meaning of the expression.
    Nice photo.

    • #.jan masyn – 31082012.0727
      Thanks, appreciates… 😉

      Yeah if you want to learn about other people and their culture and everyday life – you have to visit them at their place – I feel like you and love both to learn new way of points and to learn some of my own points are good enough – by visiting other cultures – so you see mostly they not a threat but opportunities… 😉

      Therefore, I enjoy also your portrait-like photos of people with great pleasure – especially your photos of the wonderful african people were so great… 😉

    • #.madoqua – 31082012.1026
      Yes indeed, and that could be a huge advantage for all – in my eyes – instead of seeing it as a threat so we could see it as opportunities – opportunities to become wiser in some areas and to be confirmed in other areas – you lose nothing of yourself but become “bigger”… 😉

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