“I” as independent

The most independent pets maybe ever seen – my mom’s old cat (just dead 22 years old) a glorious pride and arrogance – the best friend and perhaps the only friend was my now 15 years old dog – a Yorkshire terrier who is almost as autonomous and independent as the cat was – when the dog came to visit, they enjoyed each other’s company and they could eat and sleep together and enjoyed it – no one else dared.

The cat was 3 times bigger than the dog, the dog didn’t care about that.


A letter “I” story challenge after the idea of “frizztext“. 

You are most autonomous and most independent, when you recognize
that there still is something you haven’t control over and something you are dependent on.

If the feeling of freedom and independence, based solely on the things to go your way
without fighting for it – then it is not freedom and not independence
but only a prison with armor transparent glass.

In our part of the world where we see us self as role models
it’s sad to see young people brought up to be
without resistance to opponent and defeat problems ‘at all’
“curling children” they are called with irony
parents sweep everything aside for them
so that they almost living in a bell jar.

In the name of independence we makes dependence.

Freedom and independence associated with responsibility
all for one and one for all
none of them are anyhing without the others.

If we didn’t take care this saying would be right:

“Freedom is just another word of nothing to loose”