The bright side of life

Ballen Havn a small coastal village on the small danish island called Samsø – in summer it’s a very popular marina with many sailing visitors – earlier in the so-called good old days the harbor was a hub for sea transport to and from the island in terms of both passengers and cargo – with ferry services to Odense and Copenhagen – and shipping of the island’s production of vegetables and products which the island’s craftsmen made ​​for use outside the island – and there were some local fishing boats, in fact 22, today there are 2 back.

for landlubbers look like ‘parking’ and maritime traffic in a marina totally chaos

The village have formerly a shipyard which built many fishing boats, it closed many years ago – a single boat in use yet, it fishing lobsters from another Kattegat island called Læsø (a difficult name for non-Danish pronunciation) – the last new building on shipyard is located as an exhibition ship on land – the second last new building is located today inside the shipyard – where there is a restaurant and nightclub every summer (link).


The marina has of course the opportunity to offer the sale of disel and gasoline to the Sea visitors not using wind power alone as a propellant – apparently unmanned.

How many seagulls does it take to sell fuel
 the answer should be 4
(1) the one doing the work ..?
(2) the one who keeps an eye on the worker ..?
(3) the one who keeps an eye on the shop ..?
(4) the chief sitting over by the fish dealer and begging for food ..?

The A-club

Many places in Denmark it may be a problem that people meet and drink along in the public sphere – it does not always looked good – the management here has handle about it in an unconventional ways – there is made a little “clubhouse” where you can be member for a small amount – no questions on what the locals are doing in there – but no drinking at the rest of the area – of course no one says anything when 2 sailors have a quiet beer on a bench – that’s not the point or the problem.

This bridge a dangerous one – established 2-3 years ago after a longstanding  desire by the locals – an impending royal visit of the danish queen, got it to happen, the bridge came into the world – ready for royal visit – it was planned that the queen had to dedicate the walkway – but in days leading up to the visit, so refused the people from state police security to let the queen go over the approved walkway, so instead of being called “Queen’s Bridge”among the locals – it is today still called “Dangerous Bridge”.

Another letter “G” word

The A-Z letter story challenge an idea announced by “frizztext
an amazing idea, which now have reached the letter “G”
Yeah for sure really men would think g-string at first
maybe at 2nd and at 3th too
but no there’s 3 reasons why Le Drake Noir wouldn’t do that

G-string must be invented by a lazy man with no imagination.
Wouldn’t dare share photos uh means of course haven’t any photos.
Have already written about it previously – well well, I know in danish.
“Le Drake Noir” wrote: “The story about the G-string” (danish)

The A-Z letter “G” story challenge.

Greetings starts with the letter ‘G’.

There’s many kinds of greetings – the real kiss, bowing, cheek kissing, eskimo kissing, fist pound (in which two individuals touch fists), high-five, pressing noses, handshake, hand-kissing, hat raising or tipping, hug, roman salute (which has become associated with fascist and other right-wing), waving (the gesture of moving one’s hand back and forth)

and don’t forget the famours f***finger, which is a kind of greeting too.

Perhaps many of our world’s troubles actully blown up because 
too big numbers of threats and too little numbers of greetings. 


A greeting card anno 1915.

My mother’s mother (13 years old and in dark dress) with her ​​parents, her older brother and younger sister, photographed outside their home with 2 younger summer children from Copenhagen – children who needed to get away from daily life in the big city’s poorest part of the population – not to say the host family were rich, not at all 

but rich in so many other ways.

The summer children at first was dressed up
to be the most well-dressed throughout the village
and there came a photographer to take 3 identical photos
one for the family and one for the summer children each
to bring home to their family in Copenhagen
most often it was the family’s first photo, they got there.

It wasn’t so normal at that time
with that kind of greetings card.



Travel Theme (Signs)

 Inspired by the excellent post by Ailsa (link) and Madhu (link) after the great idea of Ailsa  so I came to think that the world is crowded (perhaps overcrowded but it’s a matter of taste) of signs – everyone talks about Kilroy was here first of all – so it must really be Kilroy who make all the signs stuff – it also made me think of a sign on the little tiny island Samsø were I’m born (many years ago) – a sign which has always amused me.

When you drive from the middle of the tiny island to the south-west end. 

When you reach the small village of Kolby Kaas, then there is on the right side a sign indicating what it’s called and that speed doesn’t exceed 50 km/h – in fact, as the name might not appear on the sign, because in Denmark there rules for this – there must live at least 200 people and yhat number of people not live in Kolby Kaas – on the wrong side of ‘oh no’ on the left side of the road is the “funny” sign.

It says in Danish when you drive into the village “Thank you for visiting – see you soon”
 start by saying it to people who perhaps have never been there before
 who stands in the doorway of home and say this ..?
I always wait until they had been visiting
before I say “see you soon” to the guests
  also to see how good their manes are. 

On the other side of the sign, when you drive out of the villige – they wish you “welcome to Samsø” – maybe that little village on the island don’t belonging to the island..? 

Maybe the right place for the sign would be down where the tourists leave det ferry.  

Straight out of Kolby Kaas (after you have been welcomed to the island or before you becomes thanks for the visit)  is the island’s mill, built in 1898, no longer in use – but acts as a sort of mini museum as tourist can visit. 

There are also signs related to a mill the turbine blades must stand as they do – they may not be a cruciform – millers were generally very superstitious and it means bad luck actually would mean that the miller will die soon – if a miller dies, then the family turn the turbine blades so they appear as a cruciform.


Weekly Photo Challenge (wrong)

Emotions at the quay..?

there’s nothing wrong with that.

Ferry berths can be the place of great feelings
longing for the traveler or longing for traveling.

A great number of people feel urge to traveling
in relation to hear, read or see ports and airports
some people feel it’s wrong and suppresses the feeling
but maybe it’s the suppression – which is wrong (?)



Weekly Photo Challenge (growth)

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”
(Albert Einstein 1879-1955)

Growth can get so close that it’s look like degeneration
it is not easy to see, but this 30 year old oak has great growth
a lot of oak-trees at the same place
will make them grow faster all together
to capture the sun’s rays for their photosynthesis
faster than an oak tree, that grows alone
not at the expense of one another
but with the help of each other
it’s one of the ways
creating forests. 

Growth is many things and mostly is the growth of an area dependent on growth in one or more other areas – it’s called synergy – many believe that growth should be at the expense of something else – of course there are also costs – but nothing will succeed without the help from someone or something in one or another way 

even selfishness or perhaps precisely egotism is canceled 

and turn down, without some to be selfish to at all.

Let it growth.

“F” for the first time

“No one can possibly know what is about to happen:
it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time.”
(James Arthur Baldwin 1924-87)

Everything has a start – a beginning – a first time
 sometimes randomly. sometimes planned and sometimes  accidentally.

Some first times have age restrictions
is typical of this kind of first times
which are most fun and most attractive.

Mostly people remember their first time in many categories
even though many first times wasn’t the big rush
not all success comes through luck and good faith.

This photo was my first times doing that – make a shot with a camera.

The 11 year old “Le Drake Noir” was with his little 4 year old brother home alone at the big farm where we lived in the house – our father, who was an officer, was on maneuvers with his soldiers and our mom was just out to get some supplies in the local grocery store.

– the workers at the farm was in full swing with their work.

There were several tractors belonging to the farm, among the mega ones – there was this tiny red Massey Ferguson as my little brother was toally crazy about – and considered as his very own – that it wasn’t (we just lived there, but our father made accounting for the owner who had 3 similar farms) – so my little brother climbed up on his dream tractor and the big brother thought it was worth having a photo of – so quickly looked into the parents’ cabinet in the dining room and pick up their camera – it was called “Alpha” – the camera was in a holster or carrying case – it was damn hard for the world’s largest amateur photographer – to get it unpacked – take the photo – pack it in again and return to the cabinet – it was not discovered until the film was produced to images later on.

Funny response pattern,
because photography never been prohibited or allowed
there had never been spoken about it – before that day.

Letter “F” story challenge (idea from “frizztext“)