Travel Theme Foliage

 Maple foliage in autumn.

Women account for almost everything
but this story is over 30 years old
 also that the maple tree (along with oak) is my clear favorite tree
times change over time
but something always remains seated in one
the foliage from maple especially now
reminds me of the gorgeous people canadians are
and especially now because maple leaves falling to the ground
among other colors, in a beautiful red color too
their beautiful stately flag in red and white
the same 2 colors which are in ‘my’ danish flag.

With excellent inspiration from Ailsa’s blog
just look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
my version of the theme “Foliage



WordPress and “Le Drake Noir”

Unclear technical problems makes “Le Drake Noir” currently can not upload images to own posts on WordPress and can only write plain text posts – also can there not be used “like” button to a large number of other blogs and some blogs LDN even not be able to commented on – so enjoy the peace as long as it lasts.

Letter “M” story, move it move it

“Move it move it” 

The tell a letter-story challenge by idea of “frizztext
now the time has come to the letter “M”.

My son as 1 ½ years old, he could go since he was 10 months old – but who wants do that, when ones father’s parents just have arrived – on the same day with a gift – a tractor with pedals, well still missing just a little before the pedals can be reached with his feet – but then there are 2 options – either jump behind the tractor and push himself or get up on the ‘monster truck’ and shout: “skub den skub den” (danish for ‘move it move it’).

At that time Lieutenant Harris just have made these 4 words “move it move it” known worldwide in the movies “Police Academy” – but the boy haven’t seen them at that time.

– so the idea was his own 

Speaking move (ment) – then children often terribly energetic
so luckily there was a garden, the living room would quickly had looked like a war zone.

link “move it move it” and bonus link “Harris



Weekly Photo Challenge (solitary)

Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge Theme

This issue must certainly be found further out in the countryside
or are there signs too, within the cities – that makes one think of solitary
some sits perhaps between 2 chairs or choose both solutions
community and solitary.

Many people are lonely in cities
some have been deselected of the so-called community
others have chosen no to the community or parts of it
but still want to enjoy some of the community’s benefits.

Signs indicating this are enclosed gardens behind the houses
where not the most determined paparazzi can sneak in sexy photos
additional walls as a barrier to urban life
motorbike is presumably also a loner characters
shutters in the windows precisely angled
as can be observed from inside to outside, but not from the outside in.

Signs indicating the desire to soften the enclosed unit is (maybe) mailboxes, doorbells, street lights, fire hydrant and in particular the large common aerial which circulates signals to television, radio, mobile phones and similar.

urban solitary or not


Travel Theme White

Everywhere worldwide
almost everything turn white or brighter
by sun or in the light
except money
they do it in the darkness.


Money is a worldwide language
passable exchange anywhere in the world.

With excellent inspiration from Ailsa’s blog
just look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
my version of thé theme “White


Excuse me, up and down

The world is paved with lame excuses
even devil’s grandmother died
because she did not have more excuses.

There is often  used a lot more time and energy
to find a “woolly” way out
than the “price” to tell it like it is, would be.

Apology A:
The final proof that the earth is round and not flat.

Apology B:
My heavy overweight neighbor and his wife in the same size
just jumped in the water outside the picture to the left.

Apology C:
Ships sailing always up or down
never along, when they sail north-south or south-north.

Apology D:
An amateur amateur photographer can forget that
ground may be slanted also under a photographer.

Apology E:
The tide was very strong today
water is damn unruly at full moon.

Guess which one is right
there are currently now spent so much energy on excuses
that it is completely forgotten – why the photo was taken.


Love song start with a “L”

The tell a letter-story challenge by idea of “frizztext
now the time has come to the letter “L”.

Starts with ‘L’ – hmmm ahhhh – of course
Love Song
of course, what a big fool you are “Le Drake Noir”.

A love song is often something common something
some couples have a song in common – their song
actually very romantic
but it’s not always a love song
often it’s someone totally “random” song
that reminds them both on
their very first meeting
actually very romantic
although the first meetings sometimes
may have either failed or foolish
but not always.

A real love song is a song
where your heart melt
so your eyes watering
and makes your knees soft
even tough guys and mad witches.

“Le Drake Noir” has such a favorite love song
the fun and silly story behind this song is
that there is no story behind – not this
but the song hits anyway every single time
the “heart of stone”.