Weekly Photo Challenge (free spirit)

With the theme “Free Spirit” for this Weekly Photo Challenge,
maybe it’s natural to think of ecology farming
it should be a very sympathetic spirit, free of many of the things
which makes life more dangerous to eat, wearing or just live in
the idea is many places sold as very colorful
bright clear colors, systematic order – at least in commercials
but many are so disappointed when they see the ecology farming
because they often see the colors as pale and as things are in non-systematic order.

It gives doubts among consumers
if it really is organic
because the most important thing is trust
from consumers to producers.

Many buy so, if possible, directly from the ecology farmer
because they so “know” the sphere of his farming.
(myself too)

But their image could perhaps need a lift
too often it is such that if you pass a conventionally agricultural
where the farmer is ‘lazy’ so there are plenty of weeds
so people think immediately that this is an ecology farming.

But weeds are not equal to ecology farming.

(the subject of this photo is an ecology farming)