Travel Theme Curves

Men have probably always looked for curves
of course, with sensitivity and discretion
therefore, they are rarely discovered
and only as a result of really bad luck

more about that later.

Excellent inspiration from Ailsa’s blog “Where’s my backpack” and her travel theme

The moon is accused of many things
everything from tidal movements
over fertility myths
to womens hysterical moments
and mens restless foolishness
through time there have been tons of myths about the moon
around the world
but what curves.

Curves of cars has always been the subject of much attention – my parents were in the first half of the 1960s the happy owners of a Renault 4CV model 1958 – a real lovely car with nice curves – in the summer of 1964 was our little family on a trip in the beautiful car  we were at the time father, mother and so little I 

Along for the trip we had my father’s brother, his wife and their 4 children aged 10, 8, 6, 4 – so we were 4 adults and 5 children in the car – it was a wonderful trip, but there were stretched some curves out of all the participants afterwards the daytrip.


Curves which went wrong:

For about 35 years ago, I was a summer in Rotterdam – a wonderful city to visit for a 17 year old guy, a city with much ‘alive’ – perhaps to much ‘alives’ – were walking in the port area close to Euro Tower in my own thoughts – a pair of cute girls the same age as me ride by – just when they were next to me whistle they are shouting “Hello sweet guy” – I turn around to see the cute girls and take a step to the side maybe 2 – and fall into the harbor of Rotterdam – how embarrassing – the girls throw a rope end down to me so I can get up – wet wet wet – afterwards it was very funny and we laughed a lot – so they followed me to the Danish Seamen’s Church – where I had a bath and dried my shorts and t-shirt – and the priest and his sweet wife got a good laugh – beware of curves ..!




21 tanker om “Travel Theme Curves

  1. Lo primero es que me ha encantado tu primera fotografía ¡buenísima!. Y siguiendo con las curvas es verdad que es un tema que puede dar mucho de sí, nosotros también tuvimos un coche para personas, 5 niños y mis padres, viajamos por todos lados, porque a mi padre lo trasladaban de un sitio a otro, y tu historia que salió mal es muy divertida, te puedo imaginar perfectamente chorreando, y muerto de verguenza, ¡las cosas que se hace de joven son increíbles!!

    • #.maniol rizo – 08092012.1714
      I know well about that moving around as a military officer moved my father also several times and we did too – so my childhood friends are spread around nearly everywhere and it’s not so bad at all… 😉

      You feel a little silly when you splash around in a giant harbors basin and the large ocean-going ships were like giant metal monsters at the dock – seen from where I was – but they were obviously not moving…. 😉

  2. I love curves!
    Especially people with ‘curved minds’.
    And my new porno red sofa is kidney-shaped. 🙂

    “Curves which went wrong:”
    And then you became wiser? LOL

    • #.paula – 03092012.1522
      Speaking of originality so I like this “Originality is independence, not rebellion; it is sincerity, not antagonism” (George Henry Lewes (1817-79)) – and curves are all original ie the right curves… ‘smile’

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