Face to book without Google

From the time, where (book) reading was manuel.

This day at the 4th of september
“Google” be 14 years old
and how could I know that

I googled it..!

Google is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two students at Stanford University

not everything was easier in the good old days
but are we wiser now
even documentation is probably a matter of faith.

if it worth finding, find it with Google..?

(photo: grandmother 1956)


27 tanker om “Face to book without Google

  1. Some time ago I put many of my reference books into the loft as I needed the space to fill with books on photography (what else!). I put the books into the loft – “because I can always refer to them, if I need to” – but in all honesty, will I ever look at them again.. Perhaps, I’ll just keep them for sentimental reasons……

    • #.jan masyn – 04092012.1436
      For the most part so I keep always my books, this is really with a bleeding heart that I visit second hand bookstore – but always end up with that I have least an equal number books to take home – if I had to pack all my books and old LPs out and put on shelves I could not have another in my huge apartment – part of it is stored in boxes – waiting – so I understand you excellent… 😉

    • #.john_galt – 05092012.0940
      Yeah it’s a part of our freedom writing and reading books – so it’s lifeblood – I believe it is a sign of health, not really being able to get rid of books but keep them… 😉

  2. It’s difficult for me too to get rid of books even if I probably won’t read them again.
    Google and internet changed the world. Before, we needed to search into books and libraries to find information and references. Now, with a single click we can access so much information…

    • #.gilderic – 05092012.2258
      Agree we probably not read many of the books again, but we couldn’t let them go – they stay in the collection, which grow bigger and bigger… 😉

      Yes ve gets the informations and references much easier to day with internet (and Google too) – maybe sometimes faster than we can swallow all that stuff – like the laptops get faster in new versions – maybe our children and grandchildren be able to swallow all the information better than we are now – now we all have some problems about the amount of news – to follow up on it all – but it is certainly something man adapts – so we will not be controlled by the development, but more control development on our own terms… 😉

      • It is and it will be impossible to follow everything. There is so much happening in the world… It’s sometimes even hard for me to follow my contacts on the different social networks.
        The key is focusing…

        • Agree the key is focusing – choose your “battlefields” and not complain of those you deselect – .I travel a lot due to business – so the network is perfect to keep in touch or “stay tune”.. 😉

    • #.manoli rizo – 05092012.2333
      Yes welcome to the club of “book holders” – we are many who can’t get rid of them – I think it’s a healthy sign – in my eyes it is being a deadly sin to burn a book – no matter which one it is… 😉

    • #.leanova – 06092012.1407
      I love to use Google too, both private sphere and in business sphere – it’s a very helpfully help… 😉

      Yeah nothing beats to be relaxed with a good book or almost nothing… 😉

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