WP Weekly Photo Challenge (Near and Far)

Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge
Near and Far
“Near and Far, more than a story of testing”
and not a “trial” of right and wrong

News from near and far (away) read by a younger “Le Drake Noir” 

A television itself has a huge power potential whether like it or not
before television came into the living room
then people had a finger on the pulse of the surrounding area
and had no idea what was happening in the big wide world
or only limited and delayed knowledge.

After television came into the living room
so people have a finger on the pulse of the big wide world
and have no idea what is happening in the surrounding area
 or only limited and delayed knowledge.

If looking out through the window – so it is a completely alien world seen
today there are longer go down to the curb than to the moon.

Near turn into far and far into near.

In the early 1960s had my young parents as some of the first in our neighborhood bought a television, it was really exciting and hot new, everyone think that – remember as a little “duckling” that the house was always full of happy people evening after evening – came by to watch TV, talk and drink coffee – remember the time as very pleasant.

Many are sitting today alone in front of their television – where the only communication is (if they are lucky) next day at the bus, shopping or at work – to find like-minded so they can discuss the stupid programs with them and talk about waste of money looking at it




29 tanker om “WP Weekly Photo Challenge (Near and Far)

    • #.bella remy – 07092012.2344
      Yeah time are a-changing and it’s not bad – gives a lpt of opportunities to do things better and to communicate with the whole world – it gives a lot of freedom also in business, it gives great benefit – I enjoy the opportunities myself… 😉

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    • #.paula – 09092012.1117
      Thanks, appreciates… 😉

      I like the old AVIS saying “Don’t work harder but smarter” – they don’t use it anymore maybe I can buy it – but nevertheless I think I’m work hard… ‘hahaha’

      Things ain’t black’nd white, but things influence each other so many times
      so that many times is it something totally different that inspires me… 😉

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  9. Wonderful post – I once read an article about the effect that the portable air conditioner had on communication (cannot for the life of me remember where): to sum it up – in the old days, when the weather was hot (or not) everyone would congregate on the porch, patio, stairs, or stoop in their neighbourhood. They would talk, catch up on the news from friends and generally find out what was going on within their communities but the advent of air conditioners brought about a withdrawal from the street. It took everyone inside their now “cool” dwellings and away from the “pulse” of life outside. Today many would be hard pressed to tell you anything about their neighbours and communities. One might even say that technology puts up a roadblock between members in the same household, which just goes to prove that we all have to try harder to stay connected…

    • #.madhu – 13092012.1525
      Thanks, really appreciates… 😉

      Often photos and paintings make stories in my head as well as words or stories make images in it – my fathers mother do a lot photographing, when she died I got most of her many photos – so I have a great number of old photos, even from before my birth… 😉

    • #.manoli rizo – 18092012.0026
      I love the new possibilities with the moving technology myself – I try to control instead of being controlled by technology – but it’s hard … ‘hahaha’

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