Travel Theme Red (Anfield)

With excellent inspiration from Ailsa’s blog just look “Where’s my backpack

my version of the theme of the challenge “Red” 

Anfield, the real home of the “red-men” from Liverpool.

(credit this image: “”) 

Part of Liverpool, Merseyside England, with Stanley Park in the center 
behind seen the blue fort Goodison Park (Everton FC)
and in front of the red fort Anfield (Liverpool FC) 
Anfield is the oldest of the city’s two great soccer facilities
and Everton FC oldest of the 2 soccer clubs.

The short story:
(link to the long one at Wiki and at LFC homesite)

Anfield was originally owned by John Orrell, a minor land owner who was a friend of a member of Everton FC John Houlding – Everton FC, who previously played at Priory Road, were in need of a new venue owing to the noise produced by the crowd on match days – so therefore was Anfield established in 1884 and Everton FC leased in for a small rental price – some years later, the rental price raised up a few hundred british £ – that was Everton FC dissatisfied with and negotiations to purchase the land at Anfield from Orrell escalated into a dispute between John Houlding (which was chairman) and the Everton F.C. committee over how the club was run 
this ended up in Everton FC terminated the lease and established Goodison Park
and John Houlding, who in the meantime had become owner of Anfield, left Everton FC.
as a consequence of this disagreement..

And John Houlding was left with an empty stadium,
and decided to form a new club to occupy it
the new team was called Liverpool FC and founded in 1892.

Liverpool FC’s traditional colors are red, but initially the team played wearing blue and white jerseys – at the beginning of the 1900s they began to play with red shirts and white shorts (the colors of socks changed over the years from black, red and white) – during manager Bill Shanklys time the famous all red attire was introduced.

Before a Europapean match against Anderlecht in 1964 came Bill Shankly into the locker room and asked the squad wear a pair of red shorts, who would match the red jersey.

The idea was that it would have a psychological effect – would “make” the players larger and more dangerous from the opponents view and make them nervous.

Shankly liked what he saw, and when the players suggested that they should have red stockings too, was the classic Liverpool-born costume.

and so the “Red-men” was born.




22 tanker om “Travel Theme Red (Anfield)

    • #.john_galt – 11092012.0758
      Indeed not, you’ll never walk alone… 😉

      The day of 13.03.2003 – I never forget even if I be 150 years old… 😉

      Visiting Glasgow with a couple of L’pool friends to see the european football match between Glasgow Celtic FC and Liverpool FC – a stadium filled with supporters some red and some green – what an atmosphere even before the match – when the football song of all was sung when there was not a dry eye in the stadium – it was so beautiful – the only 2 top clubs who is friendship clubs and so have the same club song – great – our night out after the game along with some new-meet Celtic supporters was also great fun – doi I need to say that it was very late the day after that we were back in Liverpool… 😉

  1. Kind of clueless about soccer, but am making an effort to learn to be able to converse with our grandson who is a huge Arsenal fan. Thanks for the story behind the red costumes Ledrake.

    • #.madhu – 13092012.1523
      My son (27 years old) is Arsenal supporter too, and been it since he was 7 – and my father been Manchester United supporter since 1955-56 – myself support Liverpool sice I was 6 (the story will come next week in “frizztest” and his letter ‘L’ challenge – but it’s more the club LFC than soccer I support, but more about that later… 😉

    • #.manoli rizo – 18092012.0023
      Yes I also like to watch football – preferably on football stadium not so much on television – have also visited spanish and italian football stadiums… 😉

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