Travel Theme Texture

Excellent inspiration from Ailsa’s blog “Where’s my backpack” and her travel theme
this week challenge

Structure, texture, essentialism or “back to basic”
no matter whatever it is called
so is it always hidden in and around us
how many tricks we do
then attempt to make-up
is like peeing in your pants
even nature itself fails to hide it.

Sometimes we try to remove structure
but it is almost always hidden but not removed
texture can’t always be painted over with fancy colors.

Texture is stored away by the sea
and dug out of the same sea again.

We always hear “Time heals all wounds”
it is not the same as it removes them
with the nature is just the same
it may also sometimes recover
the textures that were hidden by itself. 
The big question for me is
about Mother Nature delivers the wonderful bathing jetty back
it stole from this tourist resort
(and my childhood seaside resort)
a couple of winters ago
(storm and ice pack)
because some incompetent landlubbers
could not agree about
whose responsibility it was to ensure the jetty for winter
and still can not agree on
who should pay a new one.

Texture or struckture – it’s everywhere, even in chaos.

23 tanker om “Travel Theme Texture

    • #.sunshine butterfly – 15092012.2156
      Thanks I appreciate really your comment – sea ​​forces is huge when it has decided on something – then it is very difficult to change – but mostly gives many wonderful views… 😉

    • #.resa – 15092012.2157
      Thanks I appreciate really your comment – yes jetty missing – both of the local children and the many tourists’ children – but mostly meant as an example of that nature easily remove man-made structures, if it want… 😉

    • #.bella remy – 16092012.0311
      You’re too kind to me, but I appreciate it really… ‘big smile’

      It’s the main course I visiting your and others post – to get my thoughts a “kick in the ass” – it’s needed and wonderful to be either confirmed or corrected my thoughts – I think it’s called inspiration and I get a lot of inspiration reading other peoples thoughts – I am happy if others also some ways can use some of my thoughts to something… 😉

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