WP Weekly Photo Challenge (every day life)

Today’s Menu”

Every day life
for many of us
far more, than you might think
when people say “we eat out today”
yes so isn’t meant dining on the terrace.

“In a growing number of places in the world
where it’s every day life to eat out in town
or also to get food brought
or Take Away Food
where “away” is at home. 

It’s a bit of a paradox that at the very same places
is it a quite large attraction, even in very explosive numbers
to install the so-called “conversation kitchens”

but then it also interferes with cooking in between all the talk.


20 tanker om “WP Weekly Photo Challenge (every day life)

    • #.bella remy – 17092012.0105
      Agree the kitchen are the heart of the house – I love cooking and love even more the conversation while cooking – the kitchen my kitchen have always be a place full of life – when my son live at home he and his friends always hang around there and chat chat chat – wonderful – even they eat all my food… ‘hahaha’

      Nothing’s to big or to small to discuss there… 😉

    • #.paula – 17092012.1104
      Nothing can interfer “Le Drake Noir” acting as ‘le chief cuisine’ and a cozy chattering woman sitting at the kitchen table with her glass of red wine in her hand – it only makes it more nice – when only just she also keeps my glass of red wine ready for me, then it would be great… 😉

    • #.frizztext – 17092012.1201
      To visit “Preikestolen” and the beautiful surroundings at Stavanger in Norway is a thing every one may do at least once in their life time, it’s great – sitting with a picnic basket including a cop of coffee isn’t the worse way of wasting (read as spending) a day… 😉

    • #.john_galt – 17092012.1231
      I must admit, that I am a “company parrot” who loves to chat while I’m cooking – just they not try to become involved in the cooking – but just chat with me about nothing and about everything… 😉

  1. Hi Ledrake sorry for being absent for so long but have been sick ..now that i am well will try be as regular as possible. 🙂
    Loved your take on the topic..i love open kitchens specially during festivals and get togethers with all the fun going around…people cracking jokes helping each ther out chopping cuttting and tasting..sometimes things finih even before you get a chance to plate it…festivals are lovely

    • #.soma mukherjee – 18092012.0644
      Hi dear blogfriend – I worried about you and missed your good post at your blog – glad your back… 😉

      The kitchen is my favorite room, not only for the food – but it a great place to socialize with others while cooking – and there is such a relaxed atmosphere… 😉

  2. I love your thoughts on this. The kitchen really is a vital place in the house. I love when my family all get in the kitchen. We complain that there’s not enough space but there is beauty in that chaos 🙂

    • #.ayoliag – 18092012.1459
      Your comment about kitchen – agree – wonderful to share the space (smaller or bigger kitchen, it doesn’t matter) with a lots of people – as you said “there is beauty in that chaos” .. 😉

  3. I agree! I cook a lot less these days, mostly quickly tossed salads and grills, but we still spend a lot of time in the kitchen!! The fancy stone dining table never gets used unless there is company 🙂

    • #.madhu – 18092012.2114
      Yeah, in the past because the kitchen was a place of production – nowadays it’s very much a meeting point or focal point in the house and in the family… 😉

  4. Wonderful comment, almost better than the original story: “Nothing can interfer “Le Drake Noir” acting as ‘le chief cuisine’ and a cozy chattering woman sitting at the kitchen table with her glass of red wine in her hand”. 😉

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