Excuse me, up and down

The world is paved with lame excuses
even devil’s grandmother died
because she did not have more excuses.

There is often  used a lot more time and energy
to find a “woolly” way out
than the “price” to tell it like it is, would be.

Apology A:
The final proof that the earth is round and not flat.

Apology B:
My heavy overweight neighbor and his wife in the same size
just jumped in the water outside the picture to the left.

Apology C:
Ships sailing always up or down
never along, when they sail north-south or south-north.

Apology D:
An amateur amateur photographer can forget that
ground may be slanted also under a photographer.

Apology E:
The tide was very strong today
water is damn unruly at full moon.

Guess which one is right
there are currently now spent so much energy on excuses
that it is completely forgotten – why the photo was taken.