Weekly Photo Challenge (solitary)

Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge Theme

This issue must certainly be found further out in the countryside
or are there signs too, within the cities – that makes one think of solitary
some sits perhaps between 2 chairs or choose both solutions
community and solitary.

Many people are lonely in cities
some have been deselected of the so-called community
others have chosen no to the community or parts of it
but still want to enjoy some of the community’s benefits.

Signs indicating this are enclosed gardens behind the houses
where not the most determined paparazzi can sneak in sexy photos
additional walls as a barrier to urban life
motorbike is presumably also a loner characters
shutters in the windows precisely angled
as can be observed from inside to outside, but not from the outside in.

Signs indicating the desire to soften the enclosed unit is (maybe) mailboxes, doorbells, street lights, fire hydrant and in particular the large common aerial which circulates signals to television, radio, mobile phones and similar.

urban solitary or not