Letter “M” story, move it move it

“Move it move it” 

The tell a letter-story challenge by idea of “frizztext
now the time has come to the letter “M”.

My son as 1 ½ years old, he could go since he was 10 months old – but who wants do that, when ones father’s parents just have arrived – on the same day with a gift – a tractor with pedals, well still missing just a little before the pedals can be reached with his feet – but then there are 2 options – either jump behind the tractor and push himself or get up on the ‘monster truck’ and shout: “skub den skub den” (danish for ‘move it move it’).

At that time Lieutenant Harris just have made these 4 words “move it move it” known worldwide in the movies “Police Academy” – but the boy haven’t seen them at that time.

– so the idea was his own 

Speaking move (ment) – then children often terribly energetic
so luckily there was a garden, the living room would quickly had looked like a war zone.

link “move it move it” and bonus link “Harris



20 tanker om “Letter “M” story, move it move it

    • #.boomiebol – 26092012.0242
      How sweet, does it works out when they say it to their mum..? ‘big smile’

      I must admit that it often worked pretty well for my son
      when he said that to me at the time he was a little boy… 😉

    • #.john_galt – 26092012.1114
      Yeah 2 funny character, Harris and Protor, among many really funny characters – happily things never went Harris and Protor’s way in the Police Academy movies… 😉

    • #.paula – 26092012.1433
      Do it function now with the link, I hope so… 🙂

      Thanks, yeah I was enjoying be the owner of a big garden at that time – when the young man not could do anything except using his tractor… ‘hahaha’

  1. ha ha ha oh he is so sweet, i think every child would love that,why take all the pain and push when there are so many adults around…too good Ledrake.. This is without doubt one of your best stories…loved it 🙂

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