Travel Theme Foliage

 Maple foliage in autumn.

Women account for almost everything
but this story is over 30 years old
 also that the maple tree (along with oak) is my clear favorite tree
times change over time
but something always remains seated in one
the foliage from maple especially now
reminds me of the gorgeous people canadians are
and especially now because maple leaves falling to the ground
among other colors, in a beautiful red color too
their beautiful stately flag in red and white
the same 2 colors which are in ‘my’ danish flag.

With excellent inspiration from Ailsa’s blog
just look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
my version of the theme “Foliage



16 tanker om “Travel Theme Foliage

  1. So, you have a special connection with Canada???? It is one of the prettiest leaves around… for me just after the fig leaf, and ginkgo leaf 😀

    • #.paula – 01102012.1341
      Yes and no… 😉

      In my very younger days I had a sweet french-canadian girlfriend in a numbers of years – so that made me met a lot of wonderful canadians – that’s one part of the story an other is that in the early 1900s some of my family emigrated to Canada and move canadian citizens (some of them lost their lives during WW2 in canadian uniforms) – again later in 1940s emigrated several family members to Canada and became canadian citizens… 😉

      Agree that fig leaf and ginkgo leaf pretty too… 🙂

  2. Interesting account Drake …. I don’t dislike Canadians, I have almost no relation to them, but I never consider them especially pretty .:D
    I am glad you agree with me on the foliage 🙂

  3. I thank you for your kind words about Canadians. Here in Nova Scotia the maple trees are starting to turn red and as long as we don’t have too many windy and rainy days we should be able to enjoy them for a few weeks.

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