Yes or no, not maybe

A bitingly cold october morning 28 years ago
peacefulness before the “storm”
my parents, that day silver wedding couple
(now it’s 53 years since they got married)
pretend they are still asleep
and don’t know that the peace now ended
3 trumpet players and about 50 early birds people
standing moments later and sings high
and expect to be invited in for coffee and conversation
a good tradition.

Wedding photos is a tradition too
a tradition that has evolved through time.

A wedding photo (1912) from the family album
a marriage that lasted longer than diamond (62 years)
and was actually a “untill death do us part” marriage.

Wedding photos were formerly very traditional
and probably quite boring at the modern scale
but then maintained marriages often many years.

Nowadays then the wedding pictures usually very highly imaginative
but (ironically said) marriage nearly dissolved,
before the photographer has managed to produce the photo.

(including myself, I’m not better myself)

20 tanker om “Yes or no, not maybe

  1. how true what you wrote Ledrake, we are caught up in the circus and forgetting what really matters…we give so much attention to religion but forget its all about GOD…
    we spend so much money and time on having a beautiful wedding but not even half of that time on the actual thing..
    beautiful thought provoking write up..

    • #.jan masyn
      Thanks, I’m the lucky owner of large number of family photos from the last 100 years and among them many wedding photos – there has been a great change in the setups for wedding pictures… 🙂

  2. The good thing about easily getting a divorce is that people don’t have to stay in a bad marriage.

    The bad thing is that people sometimes split up at the first sign of trouble instead of trying to make things work. :-/

    • #.john_galt
      You’re right there’s more than a few reasons for shorter nowadays marriage in generel – in the old days was engagement time also longer than today, much longer… 😉

      In the old days, people might engaged several times before they found the right to marriage – today people has been married several times before they find the right one… 🙂

    • #.frizztext
      There was a hell of a lot “noise” and it sounded damn great – the 87 year old neighbor who was in the ‘choir’ – shouted – when the silver wedding couple invterede all people in for coffee – “relax we will sing one song more first”… 😉

  3. Me han encantado las fotografías, ¡que elegantes!, y te doy toda la razón en lo de los matrimonios hoy en día para casarse se monta de todo y luego muchos de ellos no llegan a nada, el record en mi entorno lo tienen una pareja que se separó a los 7 meses de casado, ¡que fuerte!

      • yeah nowadays a little bit of sexual attraction or “spark” seems to be enough reason to tie the knot ^^ pretty easy, knowing that they can get divorced anytime they want ^^ still, divorce does have many advantages ^^

          Agree, said with a twinkle in my eye – nowadays there are some they equate marriage with buggy jump, carousel in amusement park, clown act at the circus or water skiing – as something to try at least once – some weddings are perhaps more entertainment than real life… 🙂

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